Dietary supplements while fasting

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come on, admit it, Anthony Chaffee has some beef to recommend here. :see_no_evil:

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Paul, I see what you mean about the no shirt thing. I enjoy a nice cut of beef with veggies on a plate but this guy’s over the top. Shameless shock sells.

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Contrary to what I always thought, it’s the liver that makes the bile; the gall bladder merely stores it.

The gall bladder is stimulated to contract and empty its contents into the small intestine when it senses the presence of fat. People on a low-fat diet tend to develop gall stones, because the bile accumulates and starts clogging up the gall bladder if it isn’t getting used. So eating fat helps prevent gall stones.

People without a gall bladder have varying reactions to losing their gall bladder. At one end of the spectrum are people who can eat a lot of fat wiithout a problem, at the other are people who have to spread their fat intake out over the day. But they can all still digest fat.

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“…I’ve got to confess I don’t really know what it’s doin’.”

Paul, I think you miss interpreted my words. Sorry, poor choice of wording. I meant I don’t know what condition the organ is in, how well it’s functioning. A feeble attempt at humor. But thanks for the description all the same. You’re very good at clearly simplifying complicated systems.

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Actually that wasn’t Paul, it was me. And Dr. Anthony Chaffee is a pretty well respected Carnivore advocate. I don’t know what the heck he was thinking here!!

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Oops, thanks for straightening me out.
Yea, that video is pretty outrageous. Gastronomically bizarre and screaming with sexual innuendo. Pretty sure it’s meant to be satire and an extreme caricature of carnivores. Works really well on that level.

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Please research this person before following any of the advice he gives, and definitely before buying any of the products he sells.

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Thanks. Others here have alerted me as well. Am no longer following him.

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All i see is a large hunk of beef to eat, the shirtless dude is almost invisible to me when cow is present :slight_smile: But a shirtless female in there though, and I would see more than just cow beef. Obviously, half the people are probably distracted by the shirtless man however.

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He’s certainly a distraction, yes sir! You might say that the video was about a big chunk of meat eating a big chunk of meat, lol!

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Came across on this thread and want to share what supplements I used while fasting. So they were fish oil, vitamin d, probiotics, magnesium and potassium. That such essentials for me because I always doing spost like wall sits ( here u can find out more what wall sits do - and fullfiling my body with supplements is a needy thing