Diabetic Victory

(Henna Selnes) #1

Last October I was diagnosed with T2D. After all the blood and urine tests, I went back after 2weeks (November) to hear the results. Not good. My bg was 29, urine was full of glucose and my HbA1c was 11. 3 months later, full keto (doctor put me on) not one cheat day of any kind, ZC for 14 days, back to keto, I went to day for new tests. My bg was 9,8, urine had 0 glucose, and my HbA1c (drum roll) 6,4!!! Just 3 months!! Here’s what my doctor said. “You and keto just saved your life”. I am so happy and proud. I go back in 3 months and I know it will be just as good. I just love keto!!!

(Derek I. Batting) #2

[quote=“Henna, post:1, topic:5774”]
full keto (doctor put me on)[/quote]

I love to hear this kind of thing after hearing so many personal stories of people telling their doctors about keto and getting a proper browbeating and how carbs are necessary and blah blah blah. Good for them and good for you!

Here’s what my doctor said. “You and keto just saved your life”.

Totally awesome. Very very happy for you! :grin: :thumbsup:

(Keto in Katy) #3

Awesome news! So happy to hear about people improving their health. :grinning:

(Marc) #4

Good job! :clap::+1:

(Henna Selnes) #5

Thank you! I am just so excited,I think this calls for a cheesecake. Not just any cheesecake. But a KETO CHEESECAKE,(snoopy dance here) :sparkling_heart::tada::bar_chart:

(Pete Shearer) #6

Outstanding results! You’re an inspiration!