Diabetes Sites supporting Keto Diet

(Glenn Graham) #1

Diabetes Keto Diet Guide

I ran across this site today; I was amazed that they were not negative and Keto and using it as a Diabetic. I just wanted to share a positive site.

(Richard Morris) #2

Yes this is not the official Diabetes peak body in the UK but a separate organization that supports a low carb approach.

Diabetes.org,uk is the regular rubbish

  1. Diabetes is only progressive

  2. Eat low fat, calorie restricted diet

  3. choose better sources of carbohydrates including wholegrains, pulses, fruits

  4. reduce the fat, sugar or salt content of your food.

(bulkbiker) #3

The forum on diabetes.co.uk is where I first heard of LCHF which then led me here via facebook. There are quite a few advocates of LCHF there and a few naysayers (but we try to re-inform them). I have been spreading the 2ketodudes word there and hope we have some new companions coming here from that site. Sometimes it is a bit overmodded (mainly when I get told off) but for the most part is good and well informed.