Dexcom 6 cgm availability uk?

(Jack Brien) #1

Can you get a dexcom 6 in the UK without prescription? I don’t have diabetes, just want one for interest sake

(Cancer Fighting Ketovore :)) #2

You still need a prescription. And I’m in the US and wasn’t able to get one, even with a prescription, because I don’t have diabetes and inject insulin. At least when I talked to the company they wouldn’t let me have it because I don’t have diabetes (even if I were to pay out of pocket)…and its expensive!

You might be better off trying for the FreeStyle Libre. You’d still need a prescription, but you don’t have to have diabetes to get it (at least in the US).

(bulkbiker) #3

I think you’d be best to call and ask them

not a cheap toy though…
If you do get one could you let me know.

(Jack Brien) #4

The Libre doesn’t seem to be available to anyone except already registered customers. They seem to have a shortage.

(Rebecca 🌸 Frankenfluffy) #5

This was the case when I was looking to get one. Do they still allow you to register your name? If so, put your name down. I was contacted 8 months after registering on their list. That was in 2015 (I finally got one in 2016), but they’ve had supply issues on and off for the whole time since.

For the record, here in UK you don’t need a prescription to buy their reader or sensors. But unless you have a diagnosis of diabetes mellitus you don’t get to save on the VAT.

(Jack Brien) #6

Do you still use it? Thinking maybe we could get a “communal” one, save a lot of faff if people just want to run one for a couple of weeks. Ive seen this work well with other stuff, it gets posted from one user to the next, with the new user paying the deposit/postage costs to the previous user.

(Rebecca 🌸 Frankenfluffy) #7

Yes, it’s an essential part of managing my T1D - I couldn’t be without it for that reason.

I’d recommend putting your name down - they do contact people when they’re accepting new customers.


(Jack Brien) #8

Thanks, I have. I’ll see if anyone is interested in using it, once I’ve finished with it. Or maybe the next Dexcom will be available by then. Apparently will be cheaper and more widely available.

(Cancer Fighting Ketovore :)) #9

This is a question for Dexcom users in the US…
What do you think of it? What happens if you are more than 20-ft (or whatever the range is) from the reader? Can you scan to get data that wasn’t instantly transmitted?

Because of the Piqray’s abitlity to cause high glucose I ased for a prescription for the Dexcom. It should be fully covered as DME under my insurance. I’m looking for a solid compare/contrast to the FreeStyle Libre.