Device recommendations and Yogurt

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I’m going to buy a souse vide soon for cooking meat but also making yogurt. Anyone have experience making yogurt with your device at 100F? What are your experiences with your device for cooking as well?

That is do you recommend it or not and why?

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Not what you asked, but have you looked into mesophilic (room temperature) yogurts?

IMHO, much easier and less fussy.

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You’d be better off with an Instant Pot that does yogurt:

You might have to get at least a Duo:

Sous vide can work, but then you have to have a bunch of jars:

If you have the jars, it should work.

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I’m been reading about [

Biogaia Gastrus

]( cultured yogurt and listening to William Davis MD (wheatberry authur)

The benefits are a improved gut flora and that is supposed to reverse or at least stabilize arterial plaque.

Dr Davis; recipe calls for 100F (not 110F) for 36 hours.

I’m exploring instant pot and sous vide. I want a sous vide anyway and don’t yet have an instant pot.

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If you want a recommendation for a sous vide device, I have a Joule from ChefSteps and I love it! It works perfectly every single time. Especially like the interface because I can control it from my iPad.

I turn it on, connect to it with my iPad, choose the type of meat that I’m cooking (beef, pork, seafood, whatever), then The specific cut if necessary, and then fine-tune it.

Here’s a link to some screenshots on the process to use Joule to cook a steak.