Develop a “test” of your “keto”


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+1. Vastly safer.

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I believe the Dudes’ recommendation above? If that is what you mean by non-commercial. I love chronometer. And I know all the advice about not “chasing” ketones but I wish I had started day one with my KetoMojo for ketones and glucose. And Chronometer. I fell into these months into the process, and though I have achieved my fat loss goal (I am still working on getting blood glucose down) it would have been interesting to have charted both from the beginning. I am a numbers freak!!!

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Oh, Dr Westman teases me for my profligate self-data collection. But this is MY baggage, and I support his guidance that less is more. I see posts, all the bloody time, about; “Oh I gained 3 pounds in 2 weeks! All hope is lost. LOST!” Oops. I lost my composure.

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I never worried about the weight - just what I was eating. I go over on calories, I lose a pound, under, I gain. Doesn’t bother me. But I think at some point, you need to know your macros are vaguely keto, and you need to know if you are in ketosis. And I get these weird monthly “ketone spikes” where I get fully energized but can clear out a room with the smell. I like to check to see what is going on at that point…

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I use chronometer, and my still-CICO-obsessed self made myself crazy at first trying to get my macros right while still restricting calories. When I started eating more, I started losing more, to my infinite surprise! I’m just saying it’s important to somehow kick CICO to the curb at the same time you emphasize tracking macros.

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You have a good point Candy. I guess I am “special.” I was thin until menopause. Then I gained 45 pounds because I have never consciously tried to restrict calories. In fact, Keto is the first “plan” for lack of a better word, that I have ever been on. However, every few years, I have just not had an appetite for several months. And the funny thing is, when I first got the keto breath on keto, it was like a long lost friend. Cause I realized I had gone into ketosis several times in my life. (Way back when I thought it was a nasty sinus infection). But no, when I am hungry, I eat everything in the house. Have done that several times in the last few months - so like to check to make sure everything is as it should be.

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And we can still emphasize that point to newbies. For the life of me I cannot imagine cutting calories.

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One other aspect to this discussion, as I have a frenetic day at work tomorrow. These “take a quiz!” quizzes became quite popular on social networks, and seem to remain popular. Wouldn’t it be nice to have one such a quiz that allowed participants to share results on FB/Twitter, and drive traffic here, and encourage “correct” keto?

And I like my unicorns in orange, please.

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Yes, it would. I found this forum from some Banting site, and never looked back. I heard about all the horrors on FB keto sites, and approached one. Before you could even join, you had to answer a series of questions. More touch-feely questions than anything else with an overtone of Keto Nazi. I will have to find it again. My response was, no thanks! They seemed vaguely judgmental at the get-go.

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Sigh. Yes and no. We can’t eat all we want. We need to eat to satiety. That “calories” has been abused doesn’t mean it is entirely illegitimate. We don’t need to count calories, but we can eat too much. At some point we’re parsing semantics, but it’s not nothing, either.

Am I effectively prevaricating?

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Dr. Westman? Okay, you have a new disciple…

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:wink::wink::wink::wink: I am an equal-opportunity preacher to the choir.

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Thought you’d like this better than the “My Little Pony” Type …

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I represent this remark. I should probably join OA. There are a lot of me out there. :relaxed:


We should be very careful saying this type of thing to newbies. They may get the wrong impression, and think they can eat as many calories as they like. This isn’t true.

I’m sure between us, we can come up with a better way of phrasing it.

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Well of course I agree with you there. It’s a fine line since there will always be three groups: the chronic undereaters, the normal eaters (whatever that is) and the overeaters. I’m far enough in that I assume I am fat adapted and my fat intake has become routine now. Bacon, blue cheese, nuts, etc. but a few times in the very beginning, before I was tracking, I was literally drinking HWC, thinking I was not getting enough fat! I lost the weight but my body was not very happy about all the fat. So a big part of it is just getting over the initial jump and finding out what works. Going back to your point, yes many posters have said that they were so used to eating past satiety that they had trouble controlling food intake on keto.

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I have to explain further. I’m not worried about calories at this point but chronometer assures me I am eating enough to maintain my weight. And obviously before tracking, the nature of keto caused me to lose weight. But for the first couple of months I wasn’t really hungry so I was probably in a calorie deficit. I’m probably the wrong person to be discussing it because I only had 20 pounds to lose and have never binged in the true sense of the word. But since I never want to put that weight on again, yes, I will still keep tracking.

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I’m getting in a world of trouble here. But eat to satiety means different things to different people. Many have reported that their satiety signaling is broken.

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I say you’re fine. I’ve made this argument elsewhere. This is why I fast, to force myself to better understand what true hunger, and satiety, means. Neophytes that hear marketing nonsense such as “keto is magic” and then hear they should consider fasting might be the splash of cold, clearing and cleansing water they need.