Dentist NSV

(Eric Richardson) #1

I’ve only had one cavity in my entire life. A trip to the dental hygenist to get my teeth cleaned is never a big deal. I will sit there while she diligently scrapes away the last 6 months of bad food choices and derides me for not flossing. My gums would bleed and the dentist would say that I didn’t have any tooth decay again and I would schedule another visit 6 months hence.

Having started my KETO journey in July, I started not long after my last visit, I told my hygienist about my diet and about how I was curious if my teeth were any different. I guess my thinking is that if I’m not eating sugar or starches that plaque buildup would be less. To my surprise she didn’t mention the plaque at all, she told me that my gums had a lot less inflammation and that they didn’t bleed this time.

Long story short I went in expecting one result and actually got a far better one. Inflammation has always been a problem for me. Sore joints, backaches, and being slow to heal have been a part of my life for years now. All of those have gone away and I heal/recover much faster now. Because of this, I’ve always worried that one day I would be a heart patient because of the inflammation. To hear the hygienist tell me this great news made my day. I called my wife immediately to let her know. Being a nurse for the last 24 years she let me know what a big deal this was.

KETO on and look for NSVs wherever you can find them. No matter how small they add up to better health. If that lying scale is not budging, look elsewhere you’ll find your own NSV in the last place you expected.

(Tom Seest) #2

Cool. Great news.

(kimberlynwebb) #3

fantastic news!