Deep Fryer or Air Fryer or ? ... for chicken wings and (any other ideas?)


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I have a small deep fryer & absolutely love it. I’ve used coconut oil & bacon grease so far. I prefer bacon grease for the flavor & the fact that it’s readily available with the amount of bacon I cook.

The oil tends to be ready to go in under five minutes.

As to changing the oil: it’s not at all difficult. I turn it on for a minute or so, enough to bring the oil to liquid then pour it into the container I will use for disposal. All that remains then is to wipe out the vat with a damp paper towel. How long the oil lasts depends upon use, but it’s obvious when it needs to be changed. The oil will smoke & darken & the food will take on a flavor.

All in all the fryer is my favorite kitchen toy.

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My only source of canola oil is salad dressings. But I do eat ALOT of salad. I’ve been meaning to make my own salad dressings but I cant seem to find the time.

My goal is to reduce polyunsaturated fats and increase monounsaturated fats.

Canola isn’t ideal. I figured the seeds that canola comes from (Rapeseeds) seeds so it must be better than corn oil. I guess it isn’t appreciably better.

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Thanks for posting. More work to do :slight_smile:

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I never reuse oil. I know it’s wasteful but I have seen research that says the trans fats accumulates exponentially each time the oil is cooled and then heated again. One of the reasons that fried fast food is supposed to be so bad for us. This is one of the articles that I read

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This is one of the reasons tallow and lard are so much better to fry with.

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You can make this quicker than a trip to the grocery, it is easy and really good tasting.

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I have found a good alternative for homeade salad dressing. It is a bit of a mix between homeade and store purchased. It is a simple Italian dressing that I make with apple cider vinegar and MCT oil (you can use whatever type of oil and vinegar that you wish but I chose MCT and ACV) It only costs about 1.69 and it comes with the caraffe to mix it in if you buy it from Walmart. There are a couple of bad things in the mix like I believe soy particles…but not much. This is the seasoning that comes in a packet and you just add your own oil and vinegar. It literally takes about 3 seconds to make. I believe it has >1 carb per tablespoon and it is delicious. You can also cream up some advocado or raspberries and add them to the mix as well. I am keto but I am also PRO salad and this makes everything taste great. No vegetable oils, no MSG, etc.

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I make a basic Euro style vinaigrette with 1 part acidic ingredient (vinegar of choice or citrus juice, lemon or lime or even orange) 3 parts oil ingredient (avocado oil, EVOO or one of the lovely nut oils like walnut or chestnut oil) and a tablespoon of your favorite seasoning mix (I like Penzy’s Italian or a Herbes de Provence). Put this in a container you can a pouring top to, shake well before each pour.

You can also do an Asian dressing with sesame oil, wine vinegar of choice, a dash of tamari sauce, and some garlic, minced fresh or even granulated dried garlic.

Inexpensive and you always know what is in it.

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More on Canola oil

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On Air Fryers, they are just tiny convection ovens. Getting a good toaster oven with a convection fan would be a more useful option. If you’re going to buy a fryer, get a deep fryer.

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Oh, WOW! I have an el cheapo stainless steel fryer which goes on the heating element on the cooktop. I have used both lard and coconut oil to deep fry. How many times can you strain and reuse the oil?

I am fasting. Why am I in this thread reading and looking at pictures of glorious high fat food? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


My question too. Do you have to strain or can you leave it in there? I have an old deep fryer that I have not used in a few years I know I would have to clean it throughly aside from its age and also because I have no idea what type of oil I used in there last