Decided to ride to the next town over

(Richard Morris) #1

Normally on a Sunday I ride around the Lake a few times, but today I decided to ride to the next town over and ride around their lake

(Larry Lustig) #2

In the parts of Australia I’ve been in that would mean riding 650 miles!

(Richard Morris) #3

We’re a small state :slight_smile:

(Tom Seest) #4

I love touring town to town…

(Rindaloo) #5

I have a bike, its a 3 speed vicar’s wife bike in pistachio green (with whicker basket) :slight_smile: I am still getting used to it because the bike I had since 1982 had rim brakes and this one has coaster brakes, which is tricky for an oldie who allergic to falling off, LOL!!! Anyway, since having it (a year ago) I have discovered how unfit I am. Riding to the next town is a possibility because I live up a mountain, so getting there would be a doddle… Though I would have to use to use brakes :confused: But getting back would be more than me, OR my poor body would be able to do :slight_smile: But I must get out on the bike more around town.

(Tom Seest) #6

I’d love too see a photo of that bike…:biking_man::biking_man::biking_man:

(Rindaloo) #7

You asked :stuck_out_tongue: No getting jealous now :wink:

(Tom Seest) #8

Now I am jealous. I remember those…

(Rindaloo) #9

Thank yoou. I laugh about it but it really is a lovely bike. Shame I feel like a learner on it.

(Shannon Roberts) #10

i have a bike (or two) too! almost the same colour…

if anyone wants to geek out on bikes, i’m your non-gender-specific person!

(Shannon Roberts) #11

some of my other minty green (celeste) bikes:

(Rindaloo) #12

Wow, you really like that colour (me too, of course), LOL So, I am curious, why so many bikes. Are you a bikeoholic??? LOL!

(Miz_ChrisVic) #13

Lovely! I’d never heard it called a “vicar’s wife’s bike” before though, and it made me laugh. Because I just got a bike similar to this as a Christmas gift. And my last name is Vicars. LOL!!! :grin:

(Shannon Roberts) #14

@Rindaloo, this is just my celeste bikes. i don’t drink, i don’t gamble, i’m a good dad and a good husband. my hobby will hopefully keep me healthy and prolong my life. i have had hundreds of bicycles, and turn over a bout a dozen or so each year. some i keep, but most i buy, rebuild, ride for a month or two, them move on to something else. :slight_smile:

(Rindaloo) #15

Chris, that’s my term for it. LOL!!!

(Martin Danner) #16

That’s quite a distance @richard! What kind of bicycle do you ride?

(Richard Morris) #17

Giant Defy (road bike)

(Martin Danner) #18

Nice, Richard! That bike looks like a classic. I like to tool around on my mountain bike (Giant Yukon). It doesn’t get as far, but still great exercise. Plus it gets me into some beautiful places I’d otherwise not see.


Ahhh…sounds like me in my previous life! But, now i am down to one last road bike. Sold all but my 1987 Waterford built SLX Schwinn Paramount 50th Anniversary frame w/ Shimano Sante components. Love the blue/white paint job.
Not much fun riding these backroads with little traffic…the traffic that is out there seems to think they are the only ones on the road…safer on the motorcycle, but I’ve even sold that.

Have fun riding!