DECEMBER 2021 IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)


Here is a new thread for the IF/EF Chat for the month of December. :+1:

After completing the Water Only Challenge last month, I’m looking forward to getting some nice Fasting in for this month.


I didn’t do OMAD in the end of November again… But I go back to my strictest style again! :wink: I go for carni OMAD, of course.
My plan was NoFUSS (no food until sunset, my SO came up with the name) but today I didn’t want to wait… Family lunch is still too tempting, it seems especially when I feel a bit miserable (I nearly almost always lose my perfect satiation around 3pm, I am just rarely actually hungry yet). But I ate soooo well that it became an easy OMAD! (I am very confident I won’t eat at night.)

So, my plan for December is lots of OMAD days and probably that’s it but I will wait until I need to break my fast on Mondays, at least that’s the plan… Who knows, maybe I will have some EF that way. I still don’t understand how I could super easily skip last Saturday…

OMAD helps with the inevitably carbier December days too. Maybe in a few years I can say no to everything carby, I am not willing to do that now. But it will be all time low for me, I am sure. I plan strict carni weeks first. My strict so some processed meat is fine, dairy must be very very minimal.

Maybe I will try a fast on the 25th too? It would be cool to do 25th and 26th but I doubt I could do that. But who knows? If my body will be on board, I won’t say no! :smiley:
24th is the family Christmas dinner, possible but a bit still tricky to do it carnivore. Even if the food is always the same and I don’t like it much (the hostess cooks great but not on that day, well rather I don’t like those dishes, odd. Fortunately Christmas isn’t about food at all to me. Even if I make edible gifts :smiley: But this year I will paint rocks too!)
But starting with the 25th I will be at home and start my 5 months long mostly carni period. The time when I slim down. Or I never do. Or something. It will be nice. (June is raging fruit season in my garden. I have fresh fruit between June and December but June is when all my big favs happen and after many fruitless months at that.)

Happy and successful fasting, everyone! :smiley:

(Jane) #3

Thanks for starting this thread!

After 2 weeks in Houston I will definitely be joining you guys here next week for some fasting. I have one last business trip to Ohio week after next then I am off until the end of the year for Christmas - YAY!

(Jane) #4

I started a 65-hr fast last night after dinner. I really need it after 2 weeks in Houston with all the good food. I stuck to keto most of the time but not strict so I can feel the bloat, which should disappear after 2 days of not eating.

Travelling to Ohio next week on business so that may be my last fast of the year.



Yeah, I was just having that conversation with the Wife a moment ago. I haven’t eaten anything since I ate dinner yesterday before 5pm, so I’m just about at 22.5 hrs. presently. Told her that I don’t think I will be eating tonight, but would let her know later when I get home if I changed my mind. A nice Fast would definitely be fitting right now. Though our Anniversary is tomorrow, we haven’t set anything up as far as going out, etc. She still doesn’t like the idea of going out to eat with all the craziness still on-going. … So I might be putting in some days Fasting here as well.

Happy Fasting Folks… :+1:

(Jane) #6

22 hours in myself and going to keep going even though hubby isn’t joining me this time around. He has been having pain in his upper ribcage area which is typically gallbladder. A CT scan did not show any gallstones, but he could still have something wrong with it. He has a follow-up on Thursday with the doc.

Hubby will support me and make himself a wrap out of leftover London broil from last night so he won’t be cooking anything tonight that smells good. I don’t know what he will do tomorrow since I won’t be breaking until Thursday. :woman_shrugging:

(Bob M) #7

Thursday is impressive.

Did my 36 hour fast on a different day this week. Normally go for Wednesday, as then I end up exercising Thursday morning. Chose Tuesday instead. Oddly, I slept through the entire night, did not get up once. That happens once in a blue moon. The vast majority of the time, I get up at least once and typically multiple times. And, I drank about 10 ounces of water before going to bed. So, I expected to be up. Strange.


Sigh. I need my OMAD but it’s not so easy. I often manage to wait until sunset but it doesn’t mean I can stick to 1 or even 2 meals… It’s hard for me to get hungry enough for a proper meal nowadays - without losing my satiation first. I am not good at not eating when I feel any tiny urge… Maybe I should train those muscles already… Now that December came with all its triggers (just being a hermit most of the time isn’t enough), I had enough and want to be stricter as a self-trainer even if it’s diet related where I dislike being strict. But I need it. But I can’t really. So I need to find the right amount of strictness and handle myself carefully.

So back to OMAD and fighting! :smiley: At one point I wanted to be relaxed until Christmas but it passed. I can be TOO relaxed so I start to want the opposite… :slight_smile: It could be worse, I’ve heard about people who doesn’t feel the irresistible desire to come back on track when messed up things or made a mistake. I always do, I just can’t stick to my default woe for long.
At least I should do OMAD and that keeps me from doing the biggest mistakes I am able to do diet wise. OMAD even suits me now so why I need a little effort to do it…?

Good luck with fasting, everyone! Maybe I should plan an EF on Christmas… It sounds nice and if I fail, it still will be some nice OMAD, hopefully… Trying is important. (My normal goal is doing dinner OMADs and a skipped meal is bound the happen eventually but I keep my fixed time trials as well. Like the monthly group fast. And my vague Monday fast idea - still never happened, not even a really good attempt. But on Christmas, it sounds funnier and I surely will be well-fed then.)

And coming January, there will be our big carnivore group fat-loss attempt with Fangs as our leader :smiley: December is just some half-relaxed, half-strict month for me before the Real Thing. I lose temptation (as I always do) and start my longest carni period ever and I expect doing good with my fasting too.

Really, I wanna do this better. I must be a better hedonist I ever was…! And that means OMAD now, among other things. And not thinking about food and being in the kitchen many hours a day… That surely doesn’t help with anything though some of the time is drinking and reading and just sitting there in lunchtime (that’s midly dangerous, actually). The kitchen is the biggest room in the house, by far and well, it’s the kitchen. So I like it.

Oh, that’s little. I surely did 3-4 times as much, maybe 5-6 sometimes. I can be super thirsty at night after I didn’t leave my desk for hours. I never wake up. My body is almost frightening with its stubbornness :smiley: And I am glad that it does many things like this right at least. If I could get energy, it would be awesome… Apart from being a zombie all morning, I have low-ish energy all the time, sometimes more, sometimes less but very nearly never much. It’s one of my biggest motivations to do my woe just right, maybe it will help with that.
I’ve read sleep and fasting can be closely correlated either way… I don’t know what is the logic in it. Well I can understand a bad sleep when one is hungry but better sleep when fasting… Maybe the body isn’t busy with food and can focus on healing things too or something…?

(Central Florida Bob ) #9

I was just saying I’m taking a week off fasting because I’ve not been feeling well on fasting days. This is the first week since last May that I haven’t done at least one fasting day - last fast was after dinner Wednesday until noon Friday. I may do the same starting tonight until Friday again. Not sure.

I tend to do my hour bike rides while fasted about 40 hours, and I’ve just been feeling low in energy. My speeds have been lower, and a few other signs of being low energy. My last fasting day, last Friday morning, I had a really nasty leg cramp. I feel more back to normal after a few days of eating.


OMAD today. I was away and not hungry so I didn’t break my fast until 6pm :slight_smile: I try to keep it up!
I almost thought maybe I will be able to skip today but nope.

(Jane) #11

45 hours in and more hunger than usual, but I expected it to be a bit harder after eating out for 2 weeks. No biggie - I feel ok so not going to break because of mild hunger pangs - just take a bit of salt and it goes away.

Hubby decided to do a 24-hr fast so he didn’t have to go out or fix something for dinner that doesn’t smell so we will both be breaking tomorrow around mid-day.


(Bob M) #12

@Shinita I’ve always found early in a new year a good time to do a long term fast, if that’s your thing. I’d like to plan a 4.5 day fast. We’ll see what happens, though.

@CFLBob That does seem like something is up. Maybe try a week of “normal” eating (whatever that means for you) or even longer. The holidays are a good time to take a break from exercise too. That might help.


Though we didn’t go out to eat anywhere for our Anniversary, decided to eat some seafood, since I know she enjoys it. So broke a little over 43 hrs. … But I may just start another one now, even though I usually do 2 days of TMAD after a Fast. I did have two today, so see how it goes.


You are heros while I stopped being perfectly satiated at 1am last night (I never wake up, it was before my bedtime as normal for me. going to bed early is 1am for me but I very rarely do that) and made my almost successfully OMAD days into a TMAD one. At least I kept it carnivore. Sigh. I need bigger meals. And maybe a smaller frequency even compared to OMAD but that’s really too hard.

I am usually a bit better. And I really thought breaking my fast at 6pm will mean I will be hungry enough for a properly big meal. Maybe 6pm is too late, I noticed that before. But if I fix my meal around 5pm, I never will have an accidental EF…


I really will get my things together next year so I could stop whining here :smiley: December is when I really don’t try hard (I do it a bit this year, it’s new!). I never do but December always was my “worst” month. I always ate as much as normal though (i.e. too much but not extreme amounts, my stomach doesn’t magically change in December and too much or too wrong food just makes me lose my appetite), it’s better than what many people do as far as I know.

And it’s easier to do everything together, diet and timing. If I break one, I may or may not break the other but there is a serious chance for the latter. But I keep trying to do carni OMAD on most days!

(I never will be optimistic enough to write I did OMAD on the current day. I ate once yesterday if we consider 1am the next day but it’s from waking up to going to sleep for me.)

I will be scarce from now on. December is just not my month but I try.

(Jane) #15

64.5 hours in and for the first time exerpienced what @ctviggen has mentioned - bad diarrhea while still fasting - not after I break. Was a fast run to the bathroom and barely made it in time.

I suppose I shoud be careful how I break this time. Normally not an issue but I think it might be today.

On a positive note, my tight jeans fit well now and the bloat is gone so happy with my fasting results.


Keep in mind, it could have been just something that you ate prior to the start of the Fast. And it just took a little while to cause any issues. I think it’s only happened to me maybe once before, and it was after the second day. Think it may have been seafood related, if I recall correctly?

(Jane) #17

You know… you may be right! It was this morning so day 2 and I ate a LOT of seafood while in Houston… way more than here because you can only get fried catfish around these parts.
In Houston I can get cajun blackened anything plus fresh gulf shrimp that has never been frozen


Yeah, I’m pretty sure it was indeed seafood that got me that time. Cause if I’m not mistaken, I believe I recall thinking later on that maybe eating a seafood meal wasn’t a good way to start a Fast afterwards?

I also tend to use a LOT of butter with my seafood dishes, being I dip pretty much everything in butter whilst eating it. So that too could have been part of the problem? Either way, I don’t test it anymore.


Well, skipped yesterday too, so though I didn’t do a long Fast this week, with the 43+ hr. I did skipping Tuesday and Wednesday eating TMAD and now skipping yesterday, I plan to break tonight in about 6 hrs. or so, which will give me about 47-48 hrs. in total. So too smaller Fast in for this week.

Actually thought about trying this before for a short term, maybe for a couple weeks, or maybe even a month? Might give it a try sometime after the Holidays or Year’s end. … Basically Fast for 48 hrs., then eating a TMAD day, and then back to Fasting for 48 hrs., etc. Basically eating with 2 days off between.

(Jane) #20

I broke last Thu at 67 hours so a nice fast. I didn’t have any issues breaking, thank goodness! I was a bit worried after my morning episode, but it was a one-off.