Day five on Carnivore- strict!

(Niamh) #1

Doing well, cravings have really subsided, tummy is going down and I feel good. I am suprised as I feel my underarm body odor is pretty potent and strong. When Keto my body odor went away. Is this common? Of course I know deodorant is the answer, just curious! Thanks guys, Hope to catch up here as this is a path I can’t say I really imagined until recently. As of now commiting to one month.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #2

There are too many factors involved to really say. I know what you mean about body odour being sweeter and less pungent after cutting the carbs, but the strength and quality of the smell seem to go in cycles.

As far as going carnivore is concerned, it is possible for any change in diet to disrupt our bacterial ecology, both in the digestive tract and in various locations on the skin, and this must surely have an effect. it’s a guess, but it’s one factor I can think of.

The odour you are noticing is likely to moderate over time. In the meantime, take comfort from a line from The Dirt on Clean, by Katherine Ashenburg: “At no point in history does it appear the human race ever became too smelly to reproduce.”


This happened to me too on carni. A strong, unpleasant smell. It goes away for me on keto and comes back on carni. No idea why.

(Karen) #4

I don’t have any problem with odour thankfully and i am always working out. When it is a bit warmer i tend to pop some underarm deo on just in case the sweat smells a bit too much when i am doing CrossFit in a group setting… wouldn’t want to become Billy No Mates all of a sudden, but i didn’t put any on this morning and i have run to the Box, done and sweaty workout and done a very brisk walk home again and still don’t smell.

I didn’t notice any difference transitioning from Standard to Keto to Carnie and i have been Carnie now for almost 3 years. I reckon Paul is probably correct that it is just the body adapting. Also some people have more of an issue with odour than others.