Day 8 on Keto Low Back Pain!

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Hi everyone! I am so excited to be on Keto. On on day 8. I’ve lost 6 pounds. On day 3 I got a super migrane for 2 days. After it broke, I noticed I felt great. My sugar cravings were almost gone, My moods were stabilized. I check Sunday if I was in ketosis with Ketostix and I was high reading. That night in bed my low back and hips really ached, now its two days later and I cannot get comfortable or find relief at night. I have tried Ketoaid, magnesium caps, nothing is helping. I otherwise love keto AMD i dont want to quit. It’s working and i feel great, except for this backache.does anyone have a story like this? I did have a metabolic panel blood draw today so if my potassium level is off that should show. It just really aches and I want to know what it is. I’ve never had a backache like this before. Thank you!

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You may find something useful in this Pain in back hips and butt at day 4 of extendedfast thread.

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Can’t say I’ve ever experienced that.
It could be anything.
I’ve completed 5 day fasts and have never had that issue.



Sounds like mild kidney pain, you definitely need to be drinking tons of water. And since you’ll pee more you will lose sodium so get more salt.

In the early stages if keto adaptation the kidneys need to get rid of extra stuff so they are busier than usual. Help them by drinking more water.

This makes a big difference. You also said migraine which is a symptom of dehydration … Again more water.

See if that fixes the situation. Don’t go suffering for weeks or months. I had mild tingling in my kidneys (lower back both sides) a day here and there. But I fixed it with good ol’ H20 and salt.

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Water, pink salt, lite salt, magnesium and lots more water again! You’ll be feeling better in no time. :sunglasses:

Me, 3 grams of pink rock salt swallowed like pills with a large glass of water, 400 mg of magnesium glycinate a couple of hours before bed and some avocado daily for potassium. If you don’t like avocados you can use potassium supplements or 1/2 t of lite salt (50/50 sodium chloride and potassium chloride) don’t over do it with lite salt, hard on the kidneys especially if you’re having renal issues. This should get you through any cramps or headaches that you might have related to transforming you body from being a sugar burning machine into a fat burning machine. I wish you the best, you’ve got this. :cowboy_hat_face:

Shoot for 3 liters per day with water, don’t over do it on coffee or tea (diarrhetics make you lose water faster).

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Welcome Jennifer.

If the above suggestions don’t help, it could just plain be that your lower back is out of whack. When my coccyx was out (tail bone), it definitely made my hips ache and this was long before keto.

If you take 2 fingers and ply a little pressure up and down along your tailbone arrow and find a spot that is particularly tender, you might want to visit a chiropractor. You can also try to stretch the muscles in your lower back by standing with your hands on your hips and arching your belly forward. If you find those muscles really sore when stretched, it’s likely a lower back issue.

Once mine was adjusted it felt amazing… instant relief.


Jennifer, is it your lady time? Many women get wacky hormonal changes when starting keto from missing periods to those in menopause spotting after of years of no bleeding. Is it possible this is like a back period?

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Thank you for the replies! I tried the water with both salts added and started drinking about 90oz a day the last few days. Happy to report the agony is gone! Salt is no joke! So far salt cured the Initial migrane I got on day 3 of starting Keto and now salt has cured the back pain and boy was it bad. I’ve had back labor before a.d I told my hubby it rivaled that. But it’s been disappeared for 2 days! Thank you, I’m glad I can keep on keto. Oh also I had a metabolic panel done that showed I was low in sodium so it definitely had to be the salt causing migrane and low back

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That is so beautifully put, you know :slight_smile:

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If it increases when you move or bend.

If it increases when you massage it.

then it is muscle pain.

If not it is not necessarily kidney. read the link by safi


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Hahaha @Alex99 and @juice

Lady time is similar to Mansturation. You guys get it once a month, sans blood, extra sass.