Day 4 questions

(Nick) #1

I think for the first time in my adult life I havent been hungry for lunch…this is really strange to me. I would usally get cranky if i hadn’t eaten in a few hours. Also, I feel really clear today. I work at a computer all day and I have been pretty nervous about brain fog and not being able to perform at my job. Is it possible that I could skip the Keto flu all together or I am just not at that point yet?


I’m not sure scientifically, but my guess is that you’re not there yet. It would usually take me 3 to 4 days before the effect of keto flu would set in… Then I have about 2 days of the flu, and after that I feel awesome :slight_smile:

(matt ) #3

How were you eating pre-keto? I was low carb and never really got the flu.

(Nick) #4

I ate plenty of carbs…i am guessing it just hasnt him me yet.

(AnnaLeeThal) #5

Only time will tell. Keep Calm and Keto On. Drink your fluids, keep up on your electrolytes.

(Kerri Hines) #6

“Keto flu” is 100% avoidable and is nothing more than sodium deficiency.
You need 3000-5000mg sodium every single day on keto. If you haven’t had symptoms yet, it’s because sodium hasn’t gotten low. Yet.
Get the sodium and you’ll never experience it.

(Larry Lustig) #7

To the best of my memory, I never experienced keto flu.

(Derek I. Batting) #8

I had keto flu for one day. It hit me hard to let me know it was there, then gone the next and nevermore. Some people (as stated above) never get it. Just keep up with water and electrolytes and there’s a good chance you won’t get it either.

(softail925) #9

I never experienced keto flu either - 3 months keto now - down 15 pounds + . KCKO

(Nick) #10

Thanks everyone…day 5 still feeling very good. Had some ham salad and Sharp cheddar cheese for breakfast…last night my kids had peanut butter cups, I almost caved…but didint!!!

I am now wondering if i was always eating alot of salt to begin with, and if thats why I seem not to be getting the Flu?

(Jessica K) #11

Lack of salt seems to be the biggest source of the keto flu, followed closely by dehydration so I wouldn’t be surprised!

I experienced days 3-5ish and then it was gone. My appetite was totally gone my first week or two, but came back shortly after… but nowhere near what it was pre-keto.