Day 14 today. Super thirsty last few days

(Bill Pratt) #1

Today is day 14. I am keeping carbs under 20. I drink between 3/4 of a gallon and 1 gallon of water a day. It’s crazy but right after I drink, I’m super thirsty right away. Annoying. Like totally “parched”. So I drink more and same thing happens. Mouth has been really dry. Just the last couple days it started. I’m feeling great otherwise. Haven’t been hungry, Macros are in line. Put the scale away a week ago… (Thank God.) Love this forum.

(Eric) #2


Are you getting enough electrolytes or even just salt?

I don’t measure how much I drink but it is a lot of coffee, tea and water. I add salt to food and take potassium and magnesium. I take small quanitities of salt when fasting to help with appetite.

Don’t supplement with potassium unless you are under a doctors care because it can harm your heart function. I take some meds that deplete potassium and I’m under a doctors care.

This might be part of your fat adaptation adjustment. Keep us informed please.

(Eric) #3

Oh forgot to add Welcome…

(Allie) #4

Try slowing down on the water and adding a pinch of salt to each glass of it you have.

(Bill Pratt) #5

Thank you guys. It’s confusing though. To “slow down” on water intake when so thirsty? I don’t get it? I have been putting pink Himalayan salt on everything. I will try adding it to my water. And taking a multivitamin and Potassium supplement (not under Dr.'s Care though… Hadn’t thought of that). Could it be “too much” salt catching up with me? I’ve been very liberal with it. Thanks again

(Bill Pratt) #6

I do not take magnesium however. I will look into that.


I would say salt too. Try measuring out a couple of teaspoons into a little container that you keep with you and use from that. see how much you are actually eating over the day.

(Omar) #8

when you drink too much water tow things happen

low stomach acid and therefore inefficient digestion causing a possible malnutrition.

second thing too much water depletes minerals and vitamins from your blood.

If you think too much water is good idea like most people, then you have to supplement the minerals and the stomach acid.

(Allie) #9

You’re drinking way too much which is constantly flushing out the electrolytes which in turn makes you thirsty so you drink some more and flush out more electrolytes…


Surely it is relative though? I would say I easily drink that a day in water, tea and coffee. OK so if you have gone from drinking not much to a lot it could be an issue but I think you would need to be drinking a LOT to really start flushing all your electrolytes out.

(Bill Pratt) #11

Well, I was carrying a gallon jug of water with me and made sure I finished it by the end of the day but in all actuality there was other water throughout the day as well. A glass of water here and there at work or at somebody’s house or even at my house in the evening. Plus, at least two cups of coffee, sometimes more and usually a cup of green tea in the evening. So, I think if I was to actually add up all the fluid I was probably closer to two gallons per day. All I did was cut my amount of fluid I carry with me through the day to 3/4 of a gallon. That was per a suggestion earlier on a different thread from someone saying a gallon of water was too much. Sorry I didn’t disclose all that, I just didn’t really think of it. As far as straight water, I was carrying a gallon jug with me. I will definitely start drinking less, because that does make a lot of sense that I would be flushing out all of those electrolytes. Thank you guys. Any suggestions for the proper amount of water including a couple cups of coffee and some incidental water here in there?

(Bill Pratt) #12

Today I brought a half gallon jug of water with me. But I’ve already had a cup of coffee and a 17 oz bottle of water at home


It really does depend on the individual but I certainly wouldn’t drink to a “goal”. If anything you are like me and drink like a fish so maybe need to focus more on reducing it a bit! I think a big part is habit - a bit like grazing on food. I bet of you are busy doing something where you can’t get yourself regular drinks you go loner without and feel ok? I know I do. Maybe start by being more mindful every time you go to get a drink by habit and ask yourself if you really need it or just doing it from habit. I’m going to start doing that from right now!

(Allie) #14

No goal here either, just to thirst. Last few days I’ve been adding a small pinch of sea salt to every pint I drink.

(Scott) #15

I carry a Hydro Flask with me at all times. Keeps water cold all day even in a hot car. saves a small fortune in replacing bottled water. Make sure you get the add on pop up nozzle too. I place it by my bed at night. Lately I wake up with a completely dry mouth I need to start pounding water at about 3:30 in the morning. Its the worst feeling.

(Stylee) #16

I personally don’t like drinking salty water. My solution was once a day swallowing 3g of pink rock salt like taking pills. Just dumped the whole 3g on my tongue and drank a big glass of water. Never supplemented potassium because I eat avocados, eggs cheese almost all of them every day and salmon once or twice a week. But I do take magnesium glycinate 400mg every evening an hour before bed. I don’t swallow rock salt anymore unless I have cramps or a headache. Better than Tylenol.

(Allie) #17

I didn’t at first either, but a pinch of salt in a pint of water is fine. Water now seems weird without it. I still take one of my homemade salt capsules each morning though. I’ve done the salt on tongue thing before when fasting but really don’t like the taste of salt…

(Omar) #18

I also like salty water sometimes.

(Stylee) #19

That’s why I used rock salt @Shortstuff, you don’t really taste it much because it’s like little pills :pill:.

(Bill Pratt) #20

I just tried it. Took a nice pinch of the Himalayan pink salt put it on the back of my tongue washed it down. Not bad at all. I think what I will do is try that several times a day and cut down on the water intake. And I’m going to get some of that magnesium as well. I’ll keep you guys posted. Thank you for all your help on this. It was very confusing to me that I would be that extremely thirsty when I am drinking lots of water. I just want to make sure that others head experienced something similar. And that there may be some tricks to make it go away