Dave's Progress Thread - Year II


@Janie Thanks, they are doing well. Just sucks when I think about how much I actually lost with the 18 plants that got destroyed in the storms. And this it just from that remainder. The other 16 plants are just starting to show growth, so I should be getting overwhelming numbers in the coming weeks. At times I can get 3 to 4 times this every other day. But I have plenty of folks to share with. :slight_smile:

@cervyn Thanks, and yeah, they’ve had some at the markets down here for some time too. (Mostly the Amish) But I find some pull them too early, to get better numbers overall. But they should allow them to get some size to them. When too small, it takes 4 or 5 just to make a meal. … I just need to stay on top of mine since a few days tied up, and I will have monsters out there, which happens occasionally.

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Squash are easy to see… it’s the cucumbers that are stealthy little bastards!

You have to brush the leaves aside several times to find them all and inevitably I miss one and find a yellow monster that goes straight to the compost bin. Once cucumbers start turning yellow they aren’t any good. Squash and zucchini seem to be ok at larger sizes.

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They need keto.

(Hormones suck!) #824

I wonder if you could feed them to the chickens?


Yes, they are indeed. … Couple years ago, had a bunch that went absolutely crazy and took over 2/3’s of the Garden! And yes, I was repeatedly finding new giant yellows all over the place, that looked like they were trying to be watermelons. :smile: Those little suckers can hide in plain site. … But we actually had simply loads of them that year too. I’m really trying to stay on top of the weeding this year, since the grasses and weeds take so much away from the plants. Sucking up all the nutrients and all.

Edit… Forgot to mention that last year we actually got a different type that grew extremely long and almost circle shaped? Or Curly in shape? We usually get just the straight 8’s, but these were really weird, and grew in some of the strangest shapes. Almost like you crossed a cucumber with stringy string beans or something. :smile: Wasn’t sure if you knew what they we may have gotten.

I have actually tried some of those large yellows, and though they are edible, they just don’t have much taste so I too just get rid of them. Every year I’m tilling the garden I get plants from the year before. Leaving some in there will do that. But those cucumbers get quite large and squishy when they start to break down. So try not to miss any… Did I mention I don’t wear shoes 99% of the time.

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You and my son. What are y’all, hobbits?


Yes Ma’am. My shoes come off as soon as I’m in the door & they do not go back on unless I’m headed back to work, or have to go into a store or something. And if it’s a quick stop, I will slip some old slippers on. … I hate shoes/boots! I’ve been wearing Steel Toed Shoes since 1984, so yep, I always ran around barefoot growing up and this is something I’ve always enjoyed. … I walk across rocks and all kinds of stuff and it doesn’t bother me in the slightest. So whether I’m tilling or weeding the garden, cutting grass, weed-eating, or whatever… I’m barefoot. :slight_smile: It drives me nuts just seeing my wife always with her shoes on. Or if not shoes, just socks. :astonished: (Feet need to breathe!) :smile:


Ok, so full disclosure on the ‘Steel Toe Boots’ thing … I actually haven’t ‘had’ to wear them every day at work for some years now, but simply only when I’m out in the field. Namely while on construction sites. - Though Management is allowed to do this, I am not one of those folks to wear soft office shoes while in the office and then pull up on a construction site, and then change into ‘field footwear’ at the trunk of the vehicle. - I have colleagues that indeed do this, but it’s just not me. If I have to shoot out of here for an emergency, or what-have-ya, I don’t want to have to spend time changing anything, much less shoes.

And they go well enough with my desk. :smile:


OMG. Busted. I have boots and the rest of my PPE rolling around in the trunk of my car. Though for what it’s worth, my job when I worked in construction was more 99% of the time in the office with very occasional field visits. And even though I don’t have that job anymore, I’ve never bothered pulling the stuff out of my trunk. I figure it might be useful in an emergency.


Yeah, well, I do require my staff to wear ‘their’ PPE per departmental regulations/standards throughout the day. And I do have a vest in my vehicle, but half the time I’m loaning that out to my Inspectors since we can’t seem to keep a vehicle on the road these days. :smile: … But Safety Shoes are one of the big issues we pay attention to, and you know the first thing that happens, it’s the first question that will be asked by the department… Were they wearing their PPE? - Yep, they better have been. :slight_smile:

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I see that lovely Michael Parkesque artwork. I LOVE it.


Would you be speaking about the image on the computer screen?

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Yes. It’s one of yours isn’t it?

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And your desk is neat. Mine is like a disaster. I do have a 32" monitor however.


Yes Ma’am, it’s actually one of the last images I did. Finished it in late 2017, and I sometimes put my images I’m working on up on my computer screen while I work on them. (WIPs - Works In Progress) This is so I can review them from time to time, and sometimes it helps me to see things I may miss while actually working on them. But I actually started a new one a couple weeks ago, but haven’t had the chance to get back to it, so I only have it blocked in, and somewhat have the sky finished or close.

Here’s the image Shadow-Hawk, that is up on the screen presently

Here’s the one I started a couple weeks ago and I really do need to get back to it. I really enjoy working on art, actually been spending a lot of time lately with an old friend, Bob Ross… :slight_smile: Been playing his videos on my screen at work while working on stuff, as well as at home when not working the garden.

Again, I’ve only worked up the sky so far, but still need to start working on the mid and foreground…


Haha… Yeah, well this is just happens to be one of those rare, cleaner days. :smile: I usually have loads of construction plans & other documents all over it. But I actually have most of that on another piece of furniture presently. :slight_smile: I’ve been working on some personnel appraisals this week, so had to clear it off some for room to work. But I do prefer it cleared off though. :slight_smile:

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Wow… simply amazing. I really admire your talent.


Thank you :slight_smile: … I was actually just speaking with my wife the other night that I might actually purchase some oils and supplies sometime and do some oil paintings. It’s something that’s been highly requested of me from folks over the years, but I just never did. But I’m thinking that maybe it’s time I do and see where it goes. I’ve always done art for myself, though I have sold some works, and have done some stuff mainly back in my earlier years, but this was old school as well… Airbrush on vehicles, hand painting window fronts or signage, etc. … But it’s still always been for myself overall. :slight_smile:

I’ll update the above image when I get more done. … Thanks again.


Actually, while looking through some of my images, I found one I started right after the Shadow-Hawk pic, but I just forgot to finish. So I will need to work on this one some more too. I just have some more work to do on her hands, boots, etc. … So I might actually try to finish this one first. When I got the idea for this one, I actually wanted to work on my skies skills, namely clouds, so was trying some stuff out.

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Thank you for sharing those with us. Your talent is awesome!