Date night, dress still fits, wagyu steak reward!

(Jill F.) #1

My hubby and I have been doing keto since Dec 2018. He has lost 20 pounds and I have lost 40 pounds. It has been a crazy few months and we haven’t been out to eat since January due to work schedules and COVID. So we decided to do a weekend getaway.

We live in Texas and my favorite place to go eat on special date nights is Mortons steak house. They have a Wagyu steak that is aaammmmmaaazzziiinnggg! Slathered in butter, so good!

We were packing a bag to leave ans I was just sure none of my dresses would fit. I even thought about going shopping to get something a size up but decided to try on a few I already had. I was surprised through all of my quarentine eating they still fit! I love keto! 40 pounds still off!


('Jackie P') #2

You both look gorgeous and healthy! Have a great date :heart_eyes:


You make a good looking couple. Congrats on fitting into your clothes after the stress eating. I’ve done some of that the last few months, and luckily everything still fits.

(Susan) #4

You both look so healthy and happy, Jill =). I hope that you had a really wonderful evening out =).


You both look amazing!!! So happy you’ve acheived the Waygu steak milestone! :grinning:

(Jill F.) #6

Yes, Wagyu is AMAZING! We first ate it there last year and man I wish it was available and less expensive where we live. This restaurant is about 2 hours away from us but we do go a couple of times a year when we celebrate things. So good!!!