Dance, Dance, Ketosis!

(Willow) #1

Hello all,

Just wanted to post again with non-scale win and also update on my accountability thread. I did post this already on my accountability thread. I am sorry if it is inappropriate to post it again. I get confused with threads and if I need to start a new topic every time I have progress or do accountability. Sorry if I did anyone a concern by posting again (I am a bit excited):sweat_smile:

I am on my 7th day of keto. It is 9pm where I am. I have not had the urge to deviate from the plan in these 7 days. I have been stating under or at 20 grams of carbs a day. My favorite new drink that has replaced my usual surgery energy drink is my version of bulletproof coffee and water. I have not had an energy drink in 7 days. My favorite things that I love eating on this plan is bacon, cheeses, other meats, and avocados (one half a day). My boyfriend has advised me that my breath does smell like acetone (I am excited). I am getting keton testing strips this Sunday just to make sure that I am in ketosis.

My non-scale wins that I have felt in these 7 days are better mental clarity, less knee pain, and more energy! This week I worked out for 30 minutes 2 times. I know that it does not sound like much but in the past after my 9 to 5 job I barely had energy to even stay awake ant watch tv! I got out of work today at 8pm and I still completed my 30 minute dance work out. I definitely feel different. I have not weighed myself (I know measurements are better for reference in long run) but I am going to weigh myself tomorrow as I am curious. Overall, I feel better less hungry and more focused.

Have a good night everyone!:alien::grin: