Daily Telegraph (NSW Aust) Article

(Jules ) #1

I nearly just choked on my double shot espresso. Page 7 of The Daily Telegraph Thursday May 16th. The message is slowlyslowly getting out there.

(Carl Keller) #2

My neice walked in on me as I was reading the article and gave me a puzzled look since my head was nearly on my shoulder. :rofl:

(Jules ) #3

Oh dear! Epic fail on my first thread start. Or perhaps a success if you consider calisthenics while reading a positive activity.
Hope your neck is ok !

(Marius the butter craving dude) #4

“when added to meals instead of carbohidrates”
I will say that replacing carbs with fats, any fats is the essential thing.

(Alec) #5

Any science to the mono-unsaturated claim… errrrr… I think not. Just the usual CW aversion to saturated fat. Oh, how wrong they are…