Cycling Again,

(Sammy J Shuford) #1

It’s good to be on two wheels again.

Started a journal on how i feel and bike issues.
14 miles this week (68 is my age)

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #2

Brilliant Sammy :blush:
Hope your miles are less polluted than my London ones. It’s the best way to get around here. Cars average speed is low.

(Joey) #3

A solid start. Stay the course!

(Central Florida Bob ) #4

Way to go, Sammy! Don’t push it for too far, too fast, too soon. Your lead-in makes it sound like you’ve ridden while closer to this age than most people, so I’m sure you get that.

I started back five years ago next month, I was 64. The problem with riding in August around here is the heat melting the bike out from under you, so I did indoor rides on a trainer for several weeks. I was forced off the bike earlier this year due to some surgery and another nasty, but got back to my regular rides in March. Being retired means I can get out when the morning rush to work is ending and do a nice hour with minimal traffic.

I’ll help with anything I can.


Just getting back in and a 14mi week! NICE!