Cute molds I bought to make my Fat Bombs =)

(Susan) #1

I just bought these from Amazon to make my Keto Fat Bombs and took a screenie of them to show anyone here that might like to get some cute molds too =).

(Marianne) #2

You could make keto fat bombs when having company over. I’ve often thought of cooking a keto meal for my siblings. They wouldn’t believe it.

(Susan) #3

My family keeps taking them out of the freezer and eating them on me --thing is… they are not doing Keto at all… so not sure if these are actually bad for them, since they are certainly all Carbavoires like big time…

I have a container in the freezer of Chocolate-Peanut butter fudge I made them… and they keep taking my fat bombs… so actually it is a bit annoying. haha. If they were wanting to do Keto and eating them that would be perfectly fine with me.

(Marianne) #4

I hear you; before my husband got on this, I’d cook (which I normally didn’t do so much before - ate all processed junk), and he’d eat all my food. It was aggravating because he could have eaten whatever he wanted. Now that we are both on it, it is much easier.

(Susan) #5

Two of our daughters (that are nearly 21 and 25) have been in Australia for a month’s vacation,(and coming home on Sunday) told me last night on FB voice/cam chat to please make sure I buy a lot of veggies and fruit for them as they are so expensive in Australia… I said okay (they keep telling me my “diet” is dangerous, etc so I am hoping they don’t go on about that when home again). My 25 year old is going to get an apt when back (she moved from another city in May and is just inbetween housing atm, will be moving out again in July or August).

I am the only one in my family doing the Keto lifestyle, but always hoping others will join me!

(Rick longest ) #6

I got some on Amazon that looked like little fat piggie faces