Cue the flaming arrows and boiling oil I have a question about calories

(Richard Morris) #41

Probably reactive hypoglycemia. We make a lot of insulin and our glucose over corrects and for us every meal is like Chinese food where 30 mins later we’re hungry again. If you can resist for 30 mins your liver will make enough glucose for your levels to come back to the physiological range.

You know logically if you eat to satiety and then after a bit you’ve become hungry again … that’s probably a false fuel signal.

(C Del) #42

A good sized bowl of chicken w/ mixed veg, brown sauce, riced cauliflower, whiskey&club soda.
Another dinner was fried fish with most of breading removed, tartar sauce, small coleslaw, cup of beer cheese soup, water.

(Chris W) #43

For me personally, the sauces and alcohol in either of those meals would be enough to cause a blood sugar spike, followed by an insulin spike, followed by a drop in blood sugar as @richard describes in his response.
Have you tried having a meal with just fat and protein to see if you have the same response?

(C Del) #44

No, but I will. Thank you to both you and Richard!

(Liz ) #45

This is so helpful!!

(Leah Ann Garza) #46

Oh my, you just asked my exact question! Haven’t read all the answers above…but boy am I hopeful! THANKS