Crossing My Legs

(Jane) #1

Several stages of NSVs here…

First was crossing my legs w/o grabbing the cuff of my jeans to help my leg cross.

Then just swinging my leg over w/o help. 6 months keto did that for me.

The re-composition keeps happening and my legs have become thinner from the knee up and working its way up to my Thunder Thighs.

Tonight I crossed my legs and THEN hooked my right foot behind my left ankle. Cross-cross!


(Frank) #2

The upper leg thing still leaves me stunned sometimes. Knees knocking together was never a thing for me for many years.

(Carolyn aka stokies) #3

I too noticed similar NSVs. I have this weirdly large computer chair at the office where I am an intern, and I just noticed I had a leg tucked under me and the other crossed over the knee… like a yoga pose almost. I haven’t done that in years and just happened to be like- hey - how did this just happen lol! Keep at it!


Tucking the foot, not just weight loss but some limberness also. What a great thing.


(Michelle) #5

Maybe those squats!! I’m looking forward to my thunder thighs melting. My upper body looks great. I could stay this size forever and I’d be happy. But these thighs … :pensive: … I am happy having a butt, but the thighs are so big.

(Carl Keller) #6

Thanksgiving night I sat cross legged, comfortably, for the first time in years. I know how you feel. :wink:

Most definitely. I didn’t have a lot of fat in my lower body that kept me from doing this prior to Keto but it just felt really uncomfortable until I did it this past week.