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Crossfit is primarily a place for cross fit, which apparently is when you do different exercises.

However, they have a ton of articles that are current and written by the likes of Gary Taubes, Malcolm Kendrick, Prof. Timothy Noakes, etc.

These are a selection of recent articles:

I mean, wow. What a selection of topics. And I can’t even find one I just read from Malcolm Kendrick.


Thanks for posting those links. I’m going to enjoy looking more closely, but have already read through some of the information.

I used to know people who were very into CrossFit some 4 or 5 years ago, but then I moved and am no longer in contact with them. They were, however, not low carb, if I remember correctly, but more of the Paleo mindset. I guess that’s somewhat close to low carb, but not really Keto.

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My limited understanding is that Cross Fit is tough. I can’t do many/all of what they recommend (too many chronic injuries).

But from a scientific perspective of diet (particularly low carb/keto), the website is really amazing. So, I ignore all the cross fit stuff and just read the articles related to diet.

And what I posted above was just a sampling at the “top”. There are many more articles.

They also have recipes, but I have not looked at those.

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Another case in point:

An article about how Big Sugar influenced everything, including the Dietary Guidelines, so that sugar was not considered to be bad or cause disease.

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Well worth the read. Thank You for the link.