Cronometer question

(Christopher Bingel) #1

In support of @DaveKeto’s quest for data, I downloaded and installed Cronometer, since it will let me track macros and glucose and other data points in the same app. Question for others that may be using it: Is there a way to turn on tracking the time of data points in addition to the date. My Google-fu is weak, apparently. I have a hard time believing that an app called “Cronometer” doesn’t have the ability to track time, but maybe that’s just the universe having a sense of irony.


(Todd Allen) #2

Time stamping is a requested feature that I don’t think has been implemented. A poor work around is you can use the “Add note” feature to manually record time.

CRON in cronometer is short for “caloric restriction optimal nutrition” and was developed for the longevity community who believe reducing caloric intake while avoiding nutritional deficiencies is important for health and life span.

(Christopher Bingel) #3

Helpful AND informative? Gold star sticker! Thanks! :slight_smile:


There’s also a feature where you can group entries into breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc. It may only be available in the premium version though. Then I used a note entry if I wanted a timestamp for something.

(Dee Eichler) #5

I dont see where my total calories are listed or dedu ted s I add food to my diary

(charlie3) #6

I believe time stamping was added to crono recently but I haven’t looked for the feature. I wish I could summarize exercise and set my own value for calories per minute.