Critique My feasting days

(Adriana Ro) #1

I’ve been fasting since Monday and I’m planning on breaking this fast tomorrow. So that would be a 3.5/4 days water fast.
I’m also trying to eat as few carbs as I can so my diet is mainly carnivore. (The only things that I eat that are not carni are eggs).

I’m 17, female, 5’10, 82kg before starting the fast.
Those are my feast days:

Lunch: 450g bacon, 3 eggs, homemade mayo (made with bacon grease instead of oil, eggs, salt and a tiny amount of ACV)
Dinner: 350g beef

Carbs: 2,6 Protein: 165g Fat: 212g Calories :2588

Lunch: 3 eggs, 450g chicken breast, 200g pork rinds, homemade mayo

Carbs: 2,6g Protein:265g Fat:135g Calories: 2600

What do you guys think?

(Boots on? Balls to the wall? Good start.) #2

I love my protein & eat more than most but even I would struggle to choke down 300+ grams.

(Adriana Ro) #3

But since I eat 2,6g of carbs per days or Less, that shouldn’t be a huge problem

(Boots on? Balls to the wall? Good start.) #4

My point is you may struggle to actually eat that much.

(Adriana Ro) #5

700g of beef is a lot indeed, probably I won’t eat it all

(Boots on? Balls to the wall? Good start.) #6

It’s a lot easier to increase calories with fat & that is the point of the feasting yeah?

(Adriana Ro) #7

I find it difficult to eat more fat on carni since I can’t find bone marrow in the stores.
The fat I eat comes from pork rinds and bacon, but those contain protein too

(Mario) #8

i wonder what bacon you have?

this one is 404 kcal/100gr
35 fat / 22 protein

450gr would be 1800 kcal already

keto friendly bacon: :heart_eyes:

(Karim Wassef) #9

Ribeye, bacon, egg yolk, and clotted cream for dessert…

(Alec) #10


  1. I think your protein is high in general and especially on Saturday. Let’s say your lean body mass is 60kg, you should getting 60-90g of protein per day. To reduce it down, eat more fat. For example, chicken breast is more protein than fat, try a fattier meat?
  2. Only one meal on Saturday? Is that deliberate? Seems slim on a feast day. I am often eating 3 meals per day on feast days when my fast is long.
  3. Are you eating to satiety or to some calorie target? Satiety is the way.
  4. Is your Saturday maths correct? I calced 2300 cals, not 2600. It doesn’t really matter anyway. Measure through satiety. Were you satiated?

Let us know what you actually ate, and how you felt as you ate it. Could you eat to that plan without pushing past satiety?

(Alec) #11

:+1: That is my kind of bacon! I am always looking for the fattiest bacon. That right there is fantastic!

(Elizabeth Stern) #12

I’ve been 100% carnivore for 16 months, I generally eat between 2 and 3 lb of meat a day, probably 250 g of protein and almost 200 g of fat if I measured I’m just doing this in my head :rofl: I’m neither losing nor gaining weight, I’m doing this for health and healing after five decades of crappy eating. When I’m not so hungry I will assume that the healing has happened and I will probably cut back then, but right now if I’m hungry I’m going to eat. I’m giving myself five years before I even think of changing my diet.

(Adriana Ro) #13

I’m eating to satiety and feel good after a meal. I try to eat just once a day though, everyday and I used ‘Cronometer’ to calculate my calories and protein intake

(Adriana Ro) #14


(Adriana Ro) #15

I bought pre-packed bacon, it cantais more fat than protein but not as much fat as the one you have. I reported what the label said

(Karim Wassef) #16

You need to check the content of the meat, not just the weight.

For example, 465g of ribeye (little more than a pound) has 110g of protein and 101g of fat. The rest is water. It’s like us… we’re made of fat and meat but mostly water.

What’s your bf%?

Above 20%, I could eat protein without issue. Under 20%, I have to be careful or it spikes my glucose and drops my ketones. Just my n=1

(Adriana Ro) #17

I dont know my bf%, how can I find it out?

(Karim Wassef) #18

Tricky question.

The best method is calipers if you know what you’re doing… I don’t. I can never get something meaningful.

Next is DEXA scan which costs $75

Most gyms have machines that will use body resistance to measure it…

And then there are the body resistance digital scales that will give you a “reading”