Creating thin Asian dumpling dough with gluten?

(Daria) #1

Did anyone try to create Asian dumpling dough, thin and elastic, that gives that soupy taste? Would it work by mixing pure gluten with coconut flour or anything else?

(Richard Morris) #2

Haven’t tried this experiment. But I kind of want to. We have isolated gluten powder, and are not sensitive to it.

(Daria) #3

I ordered some gluten powder. If you manage to make it, please let me know, I think I need more advanced chemistry knowledge to make this work:)

(Carol E. ) #4

Disclaimer: I have never tried this recipe from Primal Palate. Perhaps it will give you ideas (?)

(Larry Lustig) #5

Quite a different thing – I think @Dasharv is looking to make dumpling wrappers for Asian style dumplings.

(matt ) #6

If anyone makes this work I will be so happy. I was in Chinatown in NYC the other day and man did I want potstickers.

(Rachel Taylor) #7

If someone figures this out, can the group give out some kind of “keto Nobel prize”? :slight_smile:

(Jan) #8

I’ve been looking for this too - I used to make awesome gyoza, and have been craving them recently. There’s a recipe in the Ketofy Everything book for the skins (phone 16), but you need inulin fiber, micellar casein, dried egg white, xanthan gum… Anyone tried this recipe?

(Daria) #9

I think to create this recipe we need someone with advanced chemistry training:) and I vote yes for keto nobel prize!

(Jan) #10

I second this motion!