Cramping on a long ride (right now)

(Jacob Wagner) #1

I am (right now) 18 miles into a 32 mile ride. This is my first time going this far.

I have a mild but recurring leg cramp.

Does anyone have any advice for dealing with it?

I am in town and have access to all of the normal business types if I should get something.




If you’re doing keto, look for a product without sugar. Ideally, it’ll contain salt (sodium chloride), potassium, and magnesium.

(Jacob Wagner) #3

Like a propel or something like that?



Yeah, Propel or something comparable should work.


FWIW, I’ve been adding LyteShow to my hydration reservoirs for mountain biking and hiking. You might not find it for today’s ride, but you can get some for future rides. Here’s a link…

(ianrobo) #6

Was it warm ? I had a real bad issue recently and I thought it was lack of salts but in the end think simply did not drink enough !

(Jacob Wagner) #7

It was high 70s.

I had plenty of water with me but not electrolytes.

I will be better prepared next week.


(Jacob Wagner) #8

Thank you. I will check that out.


(Joseph) #9

No experience while on keto (just started the journey a week ago) but for me cramping normally occurs when my fitness is not up to par. I barely finished the Death Ride - Tour of the California Alps, this year and was cramping the last 3+ hours of a 11+ hour ride. Try Tums. It shuts it down immediately for me.

(Bob M) #10

Anything named the “Death Ride” sounds like a good ride. I always wanted to go ride one of the Tour de France stages. I heard people actually fall over because some of the slopes are so steep.

(ianrobo) #11

Actually done a lot of the major climbs in the alps and they are gradual and not steep, climbs here in the UK are far worse for % climbs

(Jacob Wagner) #12

I did a pre-run of the 50k I was planning for and had some cramping in the last 5 Miles. Then for the real event had none except a slight twinge that started about 5 blacks from the end.

Both times I brought only water with electrolytes in it. For the real event I used Smart Water with propel packets added to it.


(Bob M) #13

We have some steep climbs here in CT (USA), but they are only a few minutes long. :grinning: I always saved a particularly steep climb near my house for the end of my ride. It was very steep, but very short. Nothing like a mountain. But after 90 miles (let’s say 180km, to keep the math simple), it’s a bear.

(Joseph) #14

I skipped last two year’s century due injuries. Foxys’ has become one of my favorite and hope to complete it under 5 hours moving in 2019. Almost did it on 2016 with moving time of 5:24 and total 6:09 on water only and obligatory snacking at rest breaks. Just restarted riding this week and targeting the Davis Double next year for my “A” ride. Need to drop 25# first.

(Jacob Wagner) #15

I have a goal of doing the century by 2022. This year I did the 50k. Next year I plan to enter the 100k.


(Brian Ernst) #16

If you’re cramping while exercising you need to take potassium. If you’re cramping outside of exercising, even if it’s an exercise type move that triggers it, you need to take magnesium.

For example, I don’t get cramps while running. But in the past when trying to stretch while sleeping, or trying to throw a football with my whole body into it, I triggered a cramp. That’s from lack of magnesium. I’ve never experienced lack of potassium as cramps before. But it’s good to know when one helps vs the other.

As already said, electrolytes. For getting salt and potassium I like taking Lite Salt in my drinks or on food. Careful of magnesium pills that can also give you loose stools; I’ve been taking Magnesium Bisglycinate Chelate to good effect, also helps with fasting.

(ianrobo) #17

since my last episode been taking magnesium supplements (this is relevant for non keto people as well) and no other incidents … of course bananas are great source of potassium …