Covid-19 is relentless and not going away any time soon

(Bob M) #1

I know there are some who poo-poo or denigrate concern for covid-19, or think it’s overblown. Here’s one:


Apparently, I’m a “bed wetter” because I’m concerned.

It turns out that others are, too. For instance, that bastion of liberal idealism, scared-y-pants state of … Utah?

And search for El Paso, Texas; North Dakota; South Dakota; the list goes on and on. They are all very, very concerned. Overwhelmed hospitals, shortage of staff, multiple mobile morgues (El Paso), etc.

Before everyone brings up the “but the death rate is only 9y.xxxx%”, where y and x are something you’ve read on the Internet, consider this:

There is a tremendous cost to society to put someone in the hospital. And they typically spend 5+ days there, even if they survive. And you have to create a “closed” floor or facility just to get in and out of a covid ward. How much does that affect society? My guess: a lot. Financially and emotionally.

So, count me as a “bed wetter”.

Covid-19 is not going away, and we could EASILY lose another 100,000 Americans over this fall/winter. Easily. We’re losing over 1,000 every day.

(Peter) #2

There’s also the damage that COVID can do even in those who aren’t killed by it, making it utterly stupid for people to only talk about the motality percentages.


Good thing there are no negatives or nuances to dealing with this virus the way we currently are!


Resident of Salt Lake City, UT here. Thanks for mentioning Governor Herbert’s EO, my notification of it was an emergency alert on my cell phone at 2:30AM this morning. Nice way to wake up…

Here it UT, it looks like irresponsible behavior is accelerating the spread. On Halloween, there is an event planning company that had a party scheduled, said it was cancelled, and then released the exact location via social media a few hours before it started. Estimated 8,000 to 10,000 young people in attendance. Videos show a rave like atmosphere with no masks and the opposite of social distancing.

This is just one of several large parties on Halloween. Their influence is definitely showing up in our current numbers.

At least some good news on the vaccine front this morning. First good news for a long time.

(Laurie) #5

Preaching to the choir here. I don’t mind dying. But I don’t want to live with brain damage, permanent heart or lung problems, or kidney failure caused by someone else’s selfishness.

The numbers keep going up, but everyone around me seems unconcerned. Please, how hard is it to stay 6 feet away from me? Thank goodness I’m retired and can avoid people most of the time.

(Jack Bennett) #6

Fortunately, those of us who work to increase our metabolic health are likely much less susceptible to COVID.

If we do contract it, we are much more likely to have a mild case.

We are much less likely to require hospitalization, to be admitted to the ICU, or to die.

Not to sound too self-congratulatory, but I’d guess most people on ketogenicforums have an important advantage in the fight to prevent COVID spread. I’d still rather not get it, but I’m not as afraid as I’d be if I had uncontrolled type 2 diabetes.

(Pam ) #7

I am in ND and the rates are soaring. In my corner of the state there is very little social distancing and very few mask wearers…no matter where I go, I seem to be the only one wearing a mask, including the medical clinic. The Governor won’t be bold enough to follow Utah’s lead. He leaves it up to the Mayors of each City. It’s very frustrating and incredibly disheartening.


My SO just said we will have curfew, it never happened before. It doesn’t matter, it’s from 8pm to 5am when I am inside anyway but still.
Europe has impressive numbers, even my country where it’s not as bad as in some other countries, 100 deaths per day for less than 10 million people… New records almost every day lately…

Mask is mandatory in shops and similar places since March and people usually wear them but they start to get bored of it.
When we attended a handheld bell concert in a church, only we wear masks (I did it only because my SO did, he is the big mask wearer. I almost never wear a mask as I don’t go where people are most of the time. It’s very nice, I don’t want to see people anyway. I want to see way more trees. And I have cats and sometimes my SO comes home for a while as well, it’s important. I don’t even miss the choir though I should, it was nice though a bit too much of people sometimes).

I feel extremely far from this Covid thing but I look at the numbers every day and root for a working vaccine.

I don’t think my woe matters, we both have extremely good immune systems, that matters way more but of course, diet is important, we both are health-conscious and eat accordingly. But genes are very powerful. We are somewhat active too. We never worried about ourselves and I just can’t worry about our relatives all the time (older, not healthy). They are fine this far, thankfully! When the virus is very active here, we cease visits too and do whatever we can.

I didn’t met an old person yet who worried about themselves yet - but with my non-existent social circle it says little. But they come close, strangers wanted to give me a lift when I walked, I see no fear. Just pretty good mask wearing except the maybe 5-10% who leave their noses free despite all the rules and drawings about it.
I saw some very cool masks :slight_smile: What I sew is nice too, spiderwebs and skull :slight_smile: A true hedonist enjoy what they can until they can.

(Robin) #9

I actively avoid sites where people “get into it” about masks, covid, the whole thing. Yes, It was my choice to look at this topic, but I was convinced it would be keto as it relates to or impacts covid. I am a newbie and so not in a position to complain, but here I am. I love this site for leaving the combustible issues alone and focusing on keto and a positive lifestyle. Ok. Sorry. Carry on.

(bulkbiker) #10

Unfortunately about 7,700 people die in the US every day.
Most of them will be old and ill people.
Are your annual mortality figures outside the norm for the time of year?
That’s the important figure to look at before “wetting the bed”.

The vast majority of people who get it are fine especially those with decent metabolic health.
What the average age of death? In the UK average COVID death age is older than the average life expectancy anyway.


Thank you for saying that in a much more intelligent way than I could!

(bulkbiker) #12

Context is very important but seems to get forgotten in the politician/media induced panic.

In the worst of the year England and Wales deaths were 100% higher than the 5 year average in weeks 16 and 17

Now they are about 10% higher

This follows period in the summer when in the throes of this “deadly virus” deaths were lower than the 5 year average. It’s become quite fascinating to monitor … weeks 25-32 had lower death rates than normal… odd eh?


Bob, I don’t think most reasonable people disagree that the virus is out there and a problem. The main debate points are 1) how accurate are the numbers (there are so many questions along these lines - for example how many of those hospitalized are sick with other things and happen to also have fragments of the virus);
2) whether the measures to contain the virus could be more problematic than the virus itself

TD;LR I wouldn’t waste any time on the bedwetter argument.


This is one of the reasons that the Sweden numbers are so skewed. “They had x times the mortality of neighboring countries!!!” [except for the following two months, when their mortality rate dropped way below their average]

('Jackie P') #15

This explains it particularly well.

(Jack Bennett) #16

Regardless of where you land on the spectrum of “covid will kill everyone” and “covid is just a sniffle”, insulting people who disagree with terms like “bed-wetter” is unkind and needlessly polarizing. (This term was not used by anybody here, I want to emphasize.)

Better that people should argue and debate using facts instead of insults.


Sweden announced what may be its first actual national regulations today deviating from its practice of strong directives used up to now. No alcohol to be served after 10 PM. Second wave is hitting hard and their hospital capacity is maxed out. Their testing ability is also maxing. I think they are getting some help from Germany. Also spread to old-folk homes again so that may unfortunately mean more deaths to come. Their mortality rates have been low after that first wave was over. Eastern part of Europe is being hit hard right now. Winter is coming

('Jackie P') #18
I always trusted these figures, are they wrong?


Sweden is a bit hard to do for them I think as they report only three times a week and they end up adding it in. If you want to follow them you can do this page… it is in English as well maybe


We are coming into summer here. It’s the best time to dry the bed sheets and get out in the sunshine to build immunity on top of the aim to improve general metabolic health.

I feel for you @ctviggen Bob because the northern hemisphere is heading toward winter and the risks of viral respiratory disease and its consequences are much higher. Thanks for keeping us on our toes with your posts. It is a good reminder to keep working at maximising one’s health.