Covid-19 is relentless and not going away any time soon

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Guys, this conversation has been done to death on this board and it gets far too political. I suggest those who believe in the Irish engineer should start a thread, and those of us who follow the epidemiologists should start another thread, and we shouldn’t argue further. I’m not being flip, I’m being totally serious.

For my part, it’s hard to fathom the madness going in in the EU and US and elsewhere right now. I will be staying in Australia until there is herd immunity, either through mass infection or a vaccine. We have nearly no virus here and the country is open for business, covid-safe (finally), and I couldn’t be more pleased.

For those of you in parts of the world where this is running rampant, I’m sorry and I hope things improve for you.


Makes sense, but this forum is one of the places that I hope that we can actually learn from each other! I’ve learned a lot about COVID trends and thoughts from posts on here.

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The fact remains, however, that this is the Ketogenic Forums and not a COVID site. Ideally, the discussions here would all revolve around the ketogenic diet and how it might help or hinder fighting off the virus, but the admin staff understands that there is no way you all are going to stick to just that. All we ask is for you to stay out of the politics and to treat one another politely and kindly as you debate.

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Okay. It can work the other way too. Covid does affect my eating.

I share a kitchen and want to keep my distance from careless housemates. Cooking meals was too nervewracking, and then my digestion would be affected too.

So now I sneak into the kitchen early in the morning. I fry some eggs, or cook up a bunch of salmon patties or other items to eat later. Then I grab an ice pack and enough food for the day, and put it all in a cooler in my room.

Ideally I’d be cooking and eating more local grass fed beef and less prepared/packaged food. But it isn’t practical when I’m basically afraid to use the kitchen.

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Ivor has the graph of the Spanish Flu as well…

The differences are Stark. We are NOT experiencing that level of death, and nowhere close to it.

The key question is. For 40 years or so, the advice is PROTECT The Vulnerable. Once it gets into your country, it will spread. SLOWING down that spread in the beginning to categorize, and learn to treat it, is what gives us better outcomes now.

It is an ENDEMIC virus at this point. It will do what it is going to do. But the HORRIBLE science being touted is pretty bad. WE ALL KNOW We cannot trust the medical “information system”. There are well over 100 Studies on HCQ, and the results are STUNNINGLY POSITIVE. (Only 3 studies show “harm”, one was the Lancet that was RETRACTED, and the other 2 were obviously setup to fail by using 2-4 TIMES the normal dose). [And for the record, Ivermectin works EVEN better] But don’t worry, you WONT HEAR about them positively… They are not under active patents!

Bob, you started this thread, and I don’t call you or anyone else names. I had my spare freezer in Feb because my research showed this was 99% released from a LAB studying bioweapons, and CLEARLY had elements inserted into it to make it more infectious. It can do nasty things.

But I ask, would you rather have Covid or Ebola? [Because, to me, everyone is acting like it is worse than Ebola].

Finally, everyone should probably be taking Vitamin D3 (4,000 - 10,000 IU/day). And MediStickUSA sells a “Room Deodorizer” that was shown to neutralize the FIRST COVID virus, and is used in Hospitals in S. Korea. (These are really safe, and should be hanging in the class room just in front of the Teachers desk).

Oh, and Sweden… TOTALLY Crushing this thing. Aside from the initial failure to protect nursing homes, they have really shined, especially without lockdowns, no current social distancing, and no masks. Their cases are going up, but their ICU usage and deaths are NOT.

For us, we MUST CONSIDER that because we CRUSHED the curve, we have “area under the curve” to make up, and that is what we are seeing now. See Ivor on the Gompherts Curve.

Good Luck to all!

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This statement requires elaboration. You can’t just state that it CLEARLY has elements inserted into it without citing the evidence backing up that claim. If it is true, the evidence should be clearly explainable to the us laymen as well.

For us, we MUST CONSIDER that because we CRUSHED the curve, we have “area under the curve” to make up, and that is what we are seeing now.

This is what a lot of people don’t quite get well for some reason. Extreme lockdowns work to reduce spread, and many places did that in the beginning. The problem is that when lockdowns end, the virus begins spreading again, of course. They are an effective way to “reset” the curve, but if not maintained for a very long time or followed by something else, it’s just pushing the curve area under the curve further along.


Yes. I remember in the very early days reading a very sobering article that reminded us that “flattening the curve” doesn’t actually reduce the area under the curve (except for excess deaths from hospital overcrowding). I think the hope of an effective vaccine changes this whole discussion a bit - basically that if we can hold the curve down until a vaccine we may be able to save more lives. However, there’s a fairly steep human cost in the meantime.

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First, of course I can. And second, thanks to YouTube, some of the people covering this have been removed. LOL. Finally, I absorb a TON of information and I ACT on it. I don’t write books and create Bibliographies of everything as I learn it. I wish it were possible to flag all of these things contextually in real time.

Watch this video by a Dr. Explain some of it. HIs vidieos covered it, but AFTER I Found researchers (who were SUPPOSEDLY discredited, just like Keto has been discredited). Talking on Molyneux.
Who showed the snips of genes were literally EXACT matches for other viruses, and pointing out we can LITERALLY 3D print these viruses with modern tech! [Obviously more complicated than that]

I encourage you to do your own research. But Fauci was PAYING for this research with US Money originally, and later with his own funds through companies he is partnered with. The same guy, who in 2005 said HCQ was the best choice for the THEN SARS Virus. But nowadays, the studies are designed to FAIL (like calling 200g of carbs a low-carb diet).

Yes, there are long-haulers out there. But I BELIEVE that if you look into it, they triggered PAST Auto-Immune diseases to come back via the damage of the virus, and the over-activation of their immune system. And the FUNDAMENTAL treatment will be to treat their original condition again, which they may have forgotten about. [From what I’ve read, they are already seeing progress with that approach!]