Could we PLEASE stop telling people that fasting is the solution to everything?

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Absolutely, that thread stopped me from leaving the forums when some zealot tried it on me. Top post Brenda!
Pearl Clutchers” what a classic term. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Give me steak, or give me death!


I’ve migrated to OMAD during the week and 18/6 TMAD during the weekend. I haven’t found the courage or will power to try longer fasts, simply because I feel so free from all those psychological games I played with myself, trying to lose 10kg on SAD…now, I can eat and maintain :slight_smile: I have a delicious dinner of mixed salad, veggies+meat (i mix it around, so we have a variety of everything in a week), eggs, cheese, olive oil, butter and coconut oil, eat until I’m fool and look forward to tomorrow :slight_smile:

Fasting can be a dangerous head-game…we felt out of control before, now we finally have control over our bodies and health, so why not control some more… But we should do whatever feels right for us and listen to others that do it differently, so we can learn from each other :slight_smile:

My husband and I were IF even before keto, I never ate breakfast so it was easy to eat that way. I am, however, surprised how some can make such a big deal about 16/8, 18/6: they have to mentally prepare, oh no, it’s 10 am and I’m going to die without food !!! IF is a simple tool to get you to stop shoveling food down your throat 24/7, stop snacking, stop having that cookie every hour, juice, frappuchinos, pastries… we’re adults, we need to take some responsibility for our actions and just tell ourselves “no”!! :wink:

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Wonder mentality @Meerkatsandy! :+1:

Couldn’t agree more.

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That sounds like me, but I can do that WITHOUT eating :slight_smile:


:joy::joy: stupid autocorrect :joy: i guess i type fool more often than full :thinking::joy:

Thanks for a lovely morning laugh :slight_smile:

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It was all you :slight_smile:


But your reply polished it :slight_smile:


Hours 36-70 of a fast is like taking a pill from the movie limitless for me. It’s the only legal way I have found that puts an “S” on my chest.


I was going to mention it as well, (Been chuckling about it) but scrolled down and seen that Juice already did. … But I too found it quite funny when I read it, and found it somewhat fitting! I actually like the idea of eating until fool. Just has a more fun feeling to it. :slight_smile: gives new meaning to Silly Meals. :smile:


True…i do eat like a fool sometimes, even my husband is amazed by what I can eat :joy:


You obviously haven’t seen my dishes on the thread 'What did you Keto today? Part Deux … I get razzed all the time about them. Right @juice ? :slight_smile:


I wonder what percentage of fasters have actually consulted a Doctor about it? 5%? 10%?


Don’t know about what % it might be? - But when the wife and I spoke with our Doctor (who’s also our neighbor) about doing Keto, my wife did mention to her that I was Fasting, and up to 5 days at a time. (Wife wasn’t Fasting yet at that time) … Her response was simply; ‘Fasting is actually quite good for you’

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Of course there are benefits but this guy won’t miss a meal! :grinning: I fast between meals that’s about it haha

It doesnt mean I’m against skipping a meal or fasting in the future, but I’m happy with my results so see no need to change that.

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Thank you. So much.

I’ve been keto for almost 2 years now. I do 16/8 IF (sort of-- I have a tea with a splash of heavy cream in the morning). I’ve tried 24 hour fasts, well after being fat adapted, but I didn’t feel euphoric, good, mentally clear or any of the other things people say they feel. Nor is fasting “freeing” for me – it’s much harder for me to manage my work obligations (which include socializing with various groups) and home obligations (I like sitting down to a keto dinner with my family) when fasting than it is by simply continuing to eat keto. I did fast for 5 days one time immediately following surgery for a ruptured appendix and peritonitis, but that was me listening to my body say it wasn’t interested in expending effort to digest food while it was dealing with recovery from surgery. My body has never given me that message since then. :grin: I also don’t like the idea of losing weight during the fast and then immediately putting it back on during the necessary feast, as seems to happen with many folks. I’m sure people will tell me it’s different, but it feels too much like some of the dieting I did as a younger woman to be comfortable for me.

So all my best to those of you who find fasting helpful and beneficial. And thank you to those who offer the different perspective that fasting isn’t necessarily the way for all.

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Thanks :slight_smile:


I’m on it! Good thing I just had my dinner :joy: i’m no fool, I still drool…:wink:


Yep, one of the threads I make sure to hit, whether fasting or not. Doesn’t bother me at all, but some don’t like visiting it when they are. …But they still seem to find their way to it though. :slight_smile: … Good place to share and gain new ideas for creating meals. As well as a bunch of knowledge on just about everything. :slight_smile:

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I dunno, why you asking ME?


Yeah, my doc was the same as Dave’s. Mind you, she’s a AWESOME doc so I wasn’t surprised.

I like that you put a brave face on it like that :rofl:


It gets OT occasionally, agreed.