Could we PLEASE stop telling people that fasting is the solution to everything?

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Love this thread :joy:. I just posted this in my journal, about my mom who has just started Keto

I can say I felt a little pressure, like I wasn’t a “real” keto-er when I started because I wasn’t fasting and had no desire to, and it seemed like everybody here was. I came into keto and loved it because it meant I could get healthy and lose weight without starving myself in a CICO fashion, and I felt like the whole fasting thing was the antithesis to that idea. I now know that fasting is something that CAN happen naturally (I’m currently 20 hours into one just because I felt sick last night and haven’t felt hungry today). That thought was so foreign to me because I had rarely ever skipped a meal without feeling miserable, much less days at a time. My favorite advice here is to keto on. I think so many feel like they have to change something if they aren’t losing quickly.

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I’m skipping breakfast a few times a week now, which I just wouldn’t have done before keto but I’m not sure I’ll ever get on board with anything longer than 24 hours. Drives me crazy to hear people talk about these super extended fasts. A week - two? I’m not programmed for that, nor do I want to be. I also hear some struggling through it and kind of suffering. No thanks.

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I’m with ya, Janelle. Sometimes skipping breakfast, which basically means a 24 hour fast to me, is just something that happens sometimes, not usually planned, but not a big deal. It’s not something I feel like I need to crow about, that’s for sure. It’s just the way life happens sometimes and I’m thankful that keto makes it a non-event.

I could be wrong, but I’ve kinda got the impression that there may be a few that wear their fasting ability on their shirt sleeve for the whole keto world to see, sort of their, “look what I can do” thing. Not all, certainly, but enough that I sometimes wonder how a newbie might feel when they first show up and think that they haven’t “arrived” or feel like a 4th class keto plebe until they can do a 10 day water fast. I’ve held my tongue numerous times when I felt like saying something. Probably best I didn’t open up as I’d probably have just gotten to enjoy the (low-carb) taste of shoe leather… :wink:

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Well said and a necessary reminder from time to time. Thank you for your post. One wonders if each recommendation for applying fasting should instantly be followed up with a reminder that mindfulness in eating is just as important, useful or good.

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Actually when I joined the forums I did not feel pressured to fast, probably because I quickly got the results I wanted without fasting. But I could see how newbies might feel pressured.

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I think it depends on the individual. I had been low carb/keto for 1.5 years and never spontaneously fasted. I still was eating 5+ meals a day. Part of that was brainwashing (We have to eat many meals!), but I never got to the point where I did not want to eat.

I also developed idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy (an enlargement of the heart with no underlying defect), which is what caused me to start low carb. When I looked into this, insulin resistance was correlated with the disease and the research I found was that the heart prefers ketones. Both of those improve more (than keto) with intermittent and long term fasting.

There’s also the role of autophagy, which I’m trying to achieve. That occurs at some point, that point no one seems to know, but if you’re fasting multiple days, you’re more likely to get there.

Plus, fasting is simple. You don’t eat. You don’t have to worry about “macros” (which I personally think are bogus anyway and unsupported by science), what fat you should be eating, how many carbs are in something, should I count fiber or not?, etc. You just don’t eat. There’s no “OMG, I can’t make my protein (or fat or whatever) macro!” I just don’t eat.

When I’m traveling on a long car trip? I don’t eat. When I’m flying overseas? I don’t eat. If I know I’m going to splurge somewhat at Christmas, other holidays, for birthdays/celebrations, I don’t eat after or maybe before too.

You can say what you want to, but if I had to choose between keto and fasting, I’d choose fasting. It has more benefits for me.

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I’ll show some data. Here’s a long fast, 4.5 days. I ate Sunday night then did not eat until Friday. To the right of the times are two columns of ketone data (I have two ketone monitors, one at home and one at work). The two columns after that are blood glucose from a continuous glucose monitor, in European then US units.

I ONLY get those high values of ketones and low levels of blood sugar when fasting. You can see that after I eat on Friday, my Sunday and Monday blood sugar values are over 100, which is normal for me. They ONLY come below that when I’m fasting a lot. And you can also see how my ketones plummet when eating.

To the extent that high ketones and low blood sugar are good, I ONLY get these when fasting.

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I’m tickled that fasting has become more popular. Yet, I haven’t, nor plan to, hold a 24+ hour fast. I’ve made enough accommodations and I remain untempted by the idea.

Maybe the solution to my lack of wanting to fast, is fasting? :wink:


I have done a couple of the 3 day fasts but I cant say I enjoy them. 24 hours is pretty simple and came easily, but beyond that point it is a challenge. It is nice to know I can fast/not eat for an extended period of time (ya know in case the zobie apocalypse happens) but it is just not enjoyable in my experience.

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Luckily keto is not like a “cookie cutter” approach
(Did u see what l just did there​:rofl::rofl::rofl:).
It is whatever works for you but you have to actually try it first.
Often ppl look for an easy solution and others offer and easy answer. Tadah!
Again it is whatever works for you.
Here we are just sharing our own experiences.

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NOBODY is arguing against fasting. The first two points in the OP are positive about fasting.

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I approve this message.

Some of the posts I see on the waterfasting reddit that I run are borderline (or completely) classified as disordered eating.

I’m desperate to lose this weight so I can love myself again and attract a man that’ll treat me right, so I’m jumping on my first fast, for 30 days! Wish me luck!

Yeah good luck jumping off that bridge.

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Absolutely. And INSISTING that it’s the first port of call of noobs because it “works for them”? Madness.

(Yes, anyone about to point out that this is how Jason got his start in this area, getting people who wouldn’t/couldn’t go keto into fasting. I get that. OTOH, he’s a doctor, seeing people in person, knowing their history. You are not.)

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Correct and he repeats this ad nauseum on every single interview. GET MEDICAL SUPERVISION. Not that everyone needs to follow that plan, but it’s a good idea if you’ve just been introduced to fasting.


This is just sad

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Yes. I get it a LOT, too. People really do suck at sticking to healthy eating (not that it’s their fault, this shit is hard). Fasting DOES sound like a quick fix, and easy, and safe, and it’s touted as such. So folks latch on to that. I’m just as guilty of it as anyone, but when I fasted I was 100% strict with my diet. I did not cheat at all. Cannot say the same for many that I hear from outside this site.

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Thank you. I have been disappointed in myself for not being able to do IF yet. Been on Keto for a year now and lost all the weight gained from a horrible medication, 65 lbs!! I lost that in 5 months and have kept it off to date. By far the most successful “diet”, or lifestyle change rather, I have ever taken on.

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Hey, the off/on things works with computers and cell phones…

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maybe some people like me are so excited to have a little more food control, appetite control, we just… feel pretty cool about and want to spread the word :smiley: look what keto can do!