Could we PLEASE stop telling people that fasting is the solution to everything?


Same here. Give or take half an hour.

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Juicemaster Flash –

Is it okay to sleep AND fast at the same time?

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I see you replying, I’m waiting for a real ZINGER.

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I’ve read that unless you regularly sleep-eat, it’s not really fasting at that point, so I guess the answer, technically, is no.

OTOH, I believe the answer is absolutely yes.

So the answer is probably no. Or yes. But most probably no.

OTOH, if you ate a whole lot of dessert before sleeping, that might be considered FEASTING, and therefore the sleeping part might be considered fasting, assuming you are planning on eating a lot as soon as you wake up, so as to stick to the “Feast-Fast-Feast” cycle.


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Yeah, well, sorry :slight_smile:

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When I started (the final time, meaning 5 years ago) on low carb, I ate 5+ meals a day and always ate before and after my workouts. After a while I plateaued (I think – the scale sucks and it’s hard to tell sometimes), and then I found first intermittent fasting and then longer term fasting. Not only did my decrease, but my blood pressure did too. Here’s 5.5 years of blood pressure data:

The locations aren’t exact, as I keep adding data to the table, but this shows the graph.

Of course, I also lost another 20+ pounds fasting on top of the 30 I’d already lost, which might have contributed. One can never tell, when two variables (IF/fasting + loss in body weight) change at the same time.

So, while IF/longer fasting isn’t “required” on keto, I think it’s beneficial. Really beneficial. At least for me.

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Should say “Not only did my WEIGHT decrease, but my blood sugar did too.”

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AWESOME post, and a most enjoyable read! :+1: :grinning:

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Well said. I agree it gets thrown around and suggested way too much. So often I read a post on FB from someone discouraged because they have been keto for 2 weeks and they have plateaued even though they are fasting and increasing fat and decreasing fat and increasing protein and decreasing protein and insert about 5 other things they have implemented in that 2 week period, then people suggest that they fast even more, maybe 2 or three days.

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To the original post and question, yes ma’am! :sweat_smile:


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Great rant, Mic! :clap: :clap: :clap: :+1:

P.S.–I don’t know why they call it “fasting,” when it makes the time pass so sloooowly! :grin:

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That episode with the recorded troubleshooting questions slays me! :rofl:

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Oh Paul, “rant” makes it seem so lowbrow, compared to the glory of its sophistication and erudition :slight_smile:

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A rant by any other name would be as much fun.

You know, I fasted once, for about seven minutes. It didn’t do a thing to help my weight loss. What did I do wrong? :rofl:

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You’re getting your units of measurement mixed up. Presumably because you’re an American with an arcane set of measurement systems. If you had used METRIC minutes you would have instantly achieved your goal weight.


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I have a macro on my keyboard as a result of this very thing…

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There’s always this:

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THat’s great, Kyle. Really really great. Who WOULDN’T want a thread full of that?


You’re the best @juice