Could we PLEASE stop telling people that fasting is the solution to everything?

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Beg pardon? There are plenty of keto non-fasters who are not fat. Not sure what you’re getting at here.

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You’re being offensive and wrong :roll_eyes:.

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Why are you here in an otherwise supportive community?

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Well, we’re bringing out all the wackos this morning…

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This doesn’t apply to you.

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LOL, as if anyone would bothered enough to hate you.


And how! He’ll run out of wrong soon surely


You can if you like - I never have.

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I admire your optimism :slight_smile:

It’s also a clear misunderstanding about a lot of things.

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It’s really not worth giving this dude the time of day. Thank you to everyone else for maintaining the civility and support that is this forum.


Was I not civil enough? I blurred my word. :wink:

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You were fine and I always find you civil!

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Based on his prior posts, Mr. King clearly does believe that fasting is the solution to everything. I believe he has said he does 36-hour fasts, followed by a single large but keto-type meal, then another 36-hour fast, and just cycles that over and over.

So, odd and perhaps patronizing as his posts may appear, he is just the flip side of @juice’s argument. He thinks we SHOULD be telling everyone to fast.

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Oops - that is incorrect - I have researched it quite a bit - but from the point of view of weight loss.

If you are obese and you want to do multiple 48 or 72 hour fasts per week (for example) for fast weight loss, you probably really want to be keto to start and keto between fasts. Having already had the “keto flu” and by not continuing to allow carbs between fasts - you avoid ongoing carb withdrawals and can continue to function at work, exercise etc. Also, you will increase your insulin sensitivity faster.

I read Fung’s books (all of them) and you are correct, he did not overly push keto between fasts - but in Q&A in the fasting podcast - Megan Ramos did recommend not to give up lowered insulin by eating keto between fasts (it is an obvious betterment compared to fasting between cookie and cheesecake binges).

You are correct, fasting is not new, it is done for religious reasons and there are retreats that will take you through the process - even if you come from high carb.

But again, for the average person that just wants good blood numbers and to lose a lot of weight with a regular job (where they must continue to perform at a good level and can’t just go on a retreat), being keto to start and keto between many fasts will allow them to do this without a roller coaster of carbs on refeeds and carb withdrawals starting every new fast. In other words - you can make fasting (somewhat) easy or you can make fasting hard. “Fasting is not a very good tool if you are not keto” means that trying to fast doing multiple extended fasts each week for the next 20 weeks is (somewhat) easy if you are keto and truly fat adapted but it is difficult if you just came from SAD and do not intend to move away from SAD while fasting.

PS - Maybe refrain from calling everyone ignorant?


Keto is not at all new (unless by “relatively” you mean in millions of years). The reason we can easily go into ketosis and that we thrive in a ketogenic state -more than other mammals, in fact- is that ketosis is one of our default physiological states.

Did you think that someone invented it and by luck humans just happened to be able to sustain it?


An admin should be able to help @Brenda or @Daisy

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