Could we PLEASE stop telling people that fasting is the solution to everything?


Cheers @juice - I’m not all that familiar with the admins on this site :slightly_smiling_face:

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I took care if it guys, thanks.
@juice. No more inciting riots or you spend the night in keto jail. Fasted. :crazy_face:

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Uh oh. @juice is replying.

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Well, possibly ironically, I’m 24 hours into a fast :slight_smile:

(It might be over in an hour or so, though :slight_smile:

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Good onya. I’m at hour 74, 46 to go.

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I’m going to close the topic because the subject has been done to death, and the topic meandered into a nordic thrash metal mosh pit … with some snowflake calling people cupcakes, an people threatening to quit.

For the record, I think some people have to fast if they want to get insulin low enough, but not everyone.

Some people can get their insulin low enough on a high carb diet with time restricted feeding, some need to have a low carb diet, some have to be in nutritional ketogenic ranges of carbs and protein, some have to be zero carb, and some even can only do it during extended fasting. We’re all unique.

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Thank you Richard.
I hope you enjoyed my tongue out neener neener pic. That was before things got nasty… :frowning: