Could we PLEASE stop telling people that fasting is the solution to everything?

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I hate that this WOE has become fasting. Being fat adapted is so important. Also it seems people are really impatient. “I’ve been keto 6 hours and haven’t lost any weight, I am so frustrated” LOL

My wife just went keto and has no intention to fast. She is T2D and has her A1c in a good range before keto. She is finally convinced that her long term health will be better on keto. My oldest has been keto for 5 months and is IF 18/6 every day but was already IF 18/6. So no behavior changes for her.


Thank you @Regina. I lost 10 pounds in the first couple of weeks :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: but nothing since then (been keto ~ 6 weeks). Listened to the Sweetener podcast and heard Carl say something about “everybody stalls at about 3 weeks” (about 15 minutes in). That was the first I heard that so I went back and listened to it again. I’ve been on just about every diet known to woman and think this is finally “the one” - I am not giving up and with your comment, will continue to wait for the magic to start!

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I do not think the keto WOE has become fasting.

If you want to improve your blood numbers and get down to your Phinney weight at a reasonable pace (similar to the creeping slow pace it took you to get your weight up) then pure keto is a great option.

If you are 300+ pounds and want significant weight loss because, even with better blood numbers in the short term, your inability to function and/or socialize normally is still a significant negative factor in your life - then pure keto is probably simply not fast enough (no pun intended). Instead, keto becomes something very leveragable with fasting - dropping meals and/or days of eating forces body fat burn - and the individual controls the pace (go as fast as they can handle - momentum definitely helps compliance).

Finally, for significant weight loss, fasting (perportadly) helps with loose skin through autophagy - where pure keto may not.


Good to know @RobC. I’ve been daydreaming about being trim (would like to be able to wear my wedding ring again! :scream:) and wondered what I’d do about all that baggy skin! I decided it would be something I’d be willing to live with if only I could get my weight and health under control after decades of yo-yo dieting.

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I agree even though I said something different. But we are seeing (I am seeing) a rise in newbies that come in and want to fast ASAP. I think that is not beneficial.


Newbies want to not only fast, but fast for an incredibly long time…2 weeks…30 days…and recently 120. While I believe fasting can be a great tool in conjunction with a healthy keto diet, I believe some are using it as a starvation diet under the disguise of fasting.

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Not for me. Keto was prescribed by my doctor. He mentioned fasting but not as a an actual part of keto. He said it’s a “next step tool for weight loss” (he’s a bariatric surgeon/weight loss MD).

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Also, watch nuts and dairy. I have to periodically cut out dairy because I overdo it. I ate way too many nuts in the beginning as well.

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Well, I did go to some pains to make sure that I was VERY clear at the VERY start of the OP to make it clear that fasting can be a very good tool once you’re fat adapted.


Fast for a month! That’ll break that frustrating stall!

One of the issues that drove me to write the above is a combination of people arriving having done ZERO research, and then the fasting fanatics piling on with extremely unhelpful fasting directions as a solution. Just trying to get people to think before posting, really. (Yeah, I know. Incurable optimism! People always say that about me.)

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Here here! Thanks for doing this OP. It is helpful.

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Stalling or Plateau happens in all diets…This is where the body gets used to the calories you are giving it and stabilizes…This is why tracking the calories you eat helps…Your body is adapted to the calorie deficit …Then you do need to recalculate your total calories and adjust macros within those calories …
I believe the over-arching rule of calories in vs out is universal to all weight loss…

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Please, I do NOT want this to turn into a CICO debate.


There are plenty of other places to discuss that topic.

Also take note of the fact that this particular poster has only just joined the forum in the last few hours.

Please do not respond to the above post.

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I want to state that I am not fasting and my loose skin firms up a few days after my latest “whoosh”. I’ll look in the mirror and think, what the hell is this neck fat? But it’s not fat, it’s what is left after some fat is lost…days later, it’s firmer and not noticeable until after the next bit of loss.

I think it’s because I’m not fasting and not losing quickly, so my body is keeping up with managing loose skin as I lose. (That was for you @xScarlet)

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Thanks, that was very pleasurable to read.

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That is a problem. People don’t understand that weight loss is not linear. And the scale sucks. It can’t tell you’ve gained muscle mass, for instance.

We need some general posts:

  1. You are highly unlikely to lose 100 pounds in a year. People do it, but it’s rare. You’re unlikely to lose more than a few pounds a month. People do it, but it’s rare. You scale weight might go up or down, but that has no bearing on what your real weight is. Keep calm if you suddenly stop losing. It’s not a big deal. Etc.

  2. “High” cholesterol may or may not be bad. (I could go on here, but I think you’re getting the picture.)

I don’t think keto has become fasting, although fasting can be a good adjunct to keto (or low carb for that matter).

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You sound frustrated. I think the thing is that keto eating works so well at first many think fasting isn’t necessary for reversing diabetes. Over time keto eaters that do not fast lose weight then they plateau and think doing a fast mimicking 96 hour fast a handful of times will cure there problem. Patience and not eating will do most better than strictly eating keto. The problem with keto eaters that won’t fast is they are still fat and still addicted to food. That may not be you though. Best health to you.

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That is a blanket statement - everyone is different. I have never fasted and am maintaining a healthy weight, and have no food addictions. I am not diabetic, so that could make a difference.


Ditto - I do a few OMADs but that’s it.