Could we PLEASE stop telling people that fasting is the solution to everything?


I pretty much like eating OMAD most days, and like @tdean, I usually eat between 5 and 6pm, (since I get home around 5pm) and I don’t eat until the next day at the same time. But if I do eat a second meal, it’s between 12Noon-1pm. So I totally agree with his scheduling, because it’s what I’ve too been doing since starting Keto 6 months ago. … Also no snacking at all, so nothing between these meal times and never have. Also, 99% of the time, drinking just water. … Might be why I’ve been seeing success since started?

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Excellent sir. I applaud you. And I’m being completely serious, not sarcastic LOL

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Because of the fridge repair thing today I had OMAD. I am doubled over in pain. There are no threads about severe stomach pain while fasting, why? Hunger would not be an issue for me. I don’t obsess about food. But after about six hours my stomach is just in pain. Why does no one address this issue? One poster even made fun of me! Doctor has run all the tests. His verdict? “Just eat.” I would love to be part of the fasting community, but I just can’t at this point.

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If I ever saw a thread like this I would tell the person to break the fast. And if it was a recurring issue I would not recommend fasting and I definitely would recommend seeing a doctor about the issue. It could be many things including ulcers, and anatomical issues with the stomach itself.

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My doctor has done the usual tests. I have been a stomach-emptier from way back. No eating for two hours, embarrassing growling. Poop three times a day. Even on keto. But thank you Brenda, you are the first person that has actually addressed the situation. I think it is just me. At least I can mange 14/8. That’s better than most SAD people, right?

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Absolutely. If there’s anything I’ve learned in the last 5 years it’s that everybody truly is different and our bodies can be truly different except with the basic things such as we exist on red blood and oxygen. You do what works for you, and don’t feel pressured with some more popular things many people do. Just ignore people who put pressure on you about the right way to do Keto. You must not have read my most famous thread in this forum. No not the pork rind pancakes that’s famous too. Lol.
This one. There is no keto rule book. That applies too to whether or not you feel you need to fast. Enjoy :heart:

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Thank you, Brenda. People do what they can. My ex could easily fast for a week. The good news about me on keto is there is no more snacking (eating every two hours). Wow, I manage, four or five hours between meals, and have lost weight. Thanks for the encouragement. But I am still curious as to why my body resists fasting.

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For some of us it takes months and even years to heal. There could be a healing process going on. Maybe things will change later. Just keep doing what’s comfortable and what works for you :heart:

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Hey! This is a serious thread!

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Yes it is my eating plan actually and with the exception of going TMAD (I was 3MAD up until a month ago) I’ve never needed to go on an extended fast to shift my weight or lower my insulin levels but that’s me and I know this would not necessarily work the same for everyone. So yeah whether we call this intermittent fasting or it doesn’t count as fasting, that’s not really the point. It works for me, and I’m quite comfortable doing keto this way.

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Absolutely, that thread stopped me from leaving the forums when some zealot tried it on me. Top post Brenda!
Pearl Clutchers” what a classic term. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Give me steak, or give me death!


I’ve migrated to OMAD during the week and 18/6 TMAD during the weekend. I haven’t found the courage or will power to try longer fasts, simply because I feel so free from all those psychological games I played with myself, trying to lose 10kg on SAD…now, I can eat and maintain :slight_smile: I have a delicious dinner of mixed salad, veggies+meat (i mix it around, so we have a variety of everything in a week), eggs, cheese, olive oil, butter and coconut oil, eat until I’m fool and look forward to tomorrow :slight_smile:

Fasting can be a dangerous head-game…we felt out of control before, now we finally have control over our bodies and health, so why not control some more… But we should do whatever feels right for us and listen to others that do it differently, so we can learn from each other :slight_smile:

My husband and I were IF even before keto, I never ate breakfast so it was easy to eat that way. I am, however, surprised how some can make such a big deal about 16/8, 18/6: they have to mentally prepare, oh no, it’s 10 am and I’m going to die without food !!! IF is a simple tool to get you to stop shoveling food down your throat 24/7, stop snacking, stop having that cookie every hour, juice, frappuchinos, pastries… we’re adults, we need to take some responsibility for our actions and just tell ourselves “no”!! :wink:


Wonder mentality @Meerkatsandy! :+1:

Couldn’t agree more.

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That sounds like me, but I can do that WITHOUT eating :slight_smile:


:joy::joy: stupid autocorrect :joy: i guess i type fool more often than full :thinking::joy:

Thanks for a lovely morning laugh :slight_smile: