Could we PLEASE stop telling people that fasting is the solution to everything?

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Exactly - my "way’ to keto was eating three meals a day to heal. I was undereating nutritious foods out of laziness. Popcorn and garlic bread don’t count as dinner.

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Instead of writing this up, did you consider going on a fast?

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I did one on the weekend, and it gave me the mental strength to write this whole thing in one session.


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How can I reset my body? Struggling with bloating
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I don’t easily give into peer pressure, but yeah, I’ve kind of felt that, since I’ve started keto, I should also be fasting. Not to say that I am (fasting). I’m not. Well, except to the extend that I often skip breakfast and eat a late lunch…sometimes only dinner. But that’s only because it suits me…I hate breakfast. LOL There’s been a small voice that says “You should do a 42 hr fast! Or more!”
But eating the keto way is enough of a challenge and change for me right now. It’s not that it’s hard in and of itself, but I’m still really missing sweets. So I’m tackling one battle at a time…

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Juice, you made me chuckle.

Don’t cha know that when the only tool in your toolbox is a hammer, the whole wide world looks like a nail?? :smiley:

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I’m still waiting…

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Yeah, c’mon Kyle, you lazy bastard. Maybe you should fast for a couple of days so you can get it together enough to write it. (Sorry, not sure of the fasting protocol for writing keto quizzes.)

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Things I have gained from fasting:
a.) a disordered eating pattern (dare I say an eating disorder) where I now feel guilty for eating food if it’s not in a specific eating window and GOD FORBID I eat more than 2 days in a row…
b.) the weight back, EVERY time
c.) amenorrhea and jacked up hormones - seriously, my periods are getting further and further apart. I thought it was pre-menopause but it gets worse every time I fast.
d.) a deep sense of control when I am fasting but feeling totally out of control when I am not, because I get a sense of scarcity - like “I better eat all the food now because I only have 15 min before my eating window ends”

Sorry to be a negative nancy on this, but all of this has been 100% true for me. The irony is that I don’t plan to stop fasting - it’s the only thing that drops my weight (albeit temporarily).

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Have you talked to a relevant medical professional about it? It seems like that might be a good idea. (I actually had a useful discussion yesterday with my ADHD psychiatrist - because I had a list of things prepared - so it can be useful :slight_smile:


I’m sorry. I have an ED history and all I’ll say is that folks close to you love you because you’re you.

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please add “you’re not eating enough! Starvation mode”! Also not always the answer although its thrown about often.

all these things work for me sometimes, can be used to shake things up…break a stall…or just to refocus…but we have many tools in our tool belt and really each person’s case is a bit unique to them and their goal at that point in time.

all I can say is I was very hesitant to try fasting and I am glad now that I have it in my tool box. But not the answer for everyone…of course. I’m glad alot of people championed it.

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I appreciate that, but it’s really frustrating when keto “works” for everyone around me but doesn’t seem to for me…and like the OP said, everyone says that fasting is the simple answer. It’s supposed to be easy, it comes “naturally” and man, does it ever work for weight loss! :rofl: It’s become the thing that I turn to when I see the scale go up, my pants get tighter, or when I feel guilty (even if I’ve stayed keto but just feel like I over did it).
@juice no - you make a good point, but I’m working through it.

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This. 176% this!

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This thread is a good example of why I often use the phrase “Nutty Keto Dogma”.


Ah! Have you tried turning it off and turning it back on again? :woman_facepalming: I get it now. (Don’t you love when somebody explains your joke to themselves and then laughs?)

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Oh, and I meant to comment on this too - I’ve never had a fasting high in any way, even after four days. Would be nice, but no.