Could lots of MCT oil cause fatty liver

(Joey) #21

Yes, for certain, you have a plate full of serious issues to address - plus extra family on board to deal with (often a challenge unto itself)!

I’m not suggesting you can magically lead a stress-free life at this moment in time. But the more you can let go of the things you cannot influence and let those issues “be” as they are, and instead concentrate on the short(er) list of issues you can actually influence, the more “in control” you’ll actually be and the less stressed you’ll feel.

Easier said than done? Absolutely. But far better than the alternative approach to life’s challenges.

Best wishes :vulcan_salute:

(Michael) #22

No one mentioned that the advantage to MCT oil is that it is processed differently - unlike longer-chain fatty acids, MCTs go straight to your liver, where they can be used as an instant energy source or turned into ketones. Since neither used energy nor ketones are converted into fat, the answer is specifically no.
However…if you use MCT oil for energy and you have OTHER fats/carbs that are being digested and you have plenty of energy, those carbs/fats could turn into fat within the liver in theory. So indirectly, MCT might contribute to fatty liver, diet depending.

(Ethan) #23

That would suggest overeating. I’m still overweight, and up 25-30 pounds from my initial carnivore minimum weight 4 years ago, but I’m still down 70 pounds from my pre-keto maximum.

(KM) #24

I don’t know if you’re over-eating, but if you’ve gained 30 pounds in four years, unless that’s muscle you’ve been specifically adding on, something’s not lining up. Could you try an elimination type diet (maybe a spell of straight carnivore) and see if things change?

(Marion) #25

I think I read something about uric acid can cause fatty liver too. Not too sure. But do you know your uric acid levels?
Might be worth getting them checked…but most doctors aren’t aware of the connection yet.

Quercetin will drop uric acid levels if they are high.

(Betsy) #26

I think you figured it out; it is most likely the stress.

Maybe you can find something like CBD to relieve some of the stress.

And taurine, berberine, and TUDCA are food for fixing NAFLD.

When ingested or applied, CBD interacts with naturally occurring cannabinoid receptors throughout your body. These receptors are often found on glands, like the adrenal glands, which secrete cortisol** . As such, CBD may be able to influence the secretion level of these glands.

(Ethan) #27

I am not permitted to use CBD, unfortunately. In the past, I had a bad reaction to berberine. Shouldn’t my all-meat diet have a ton of taurine already?

(B Creighton) #28

“Could lots of MCT oil cause fatty liver”
I will echo Kib and Paul here. In my experience NO. I lost 4 inches of visceral fat, and that was by increasing MCT fat intake, and decreasing sugar and carbs. MCTs are essentially all converted into ketones by the liver rather than fat. Can you have too much MCTs? Yes. But I eat some every day either in raw milk goat yogurt, cow A2 raw milk yogurt or coconut oil. I also use a MCT salad dressing I make. They have generally been found to help overweight people lose fat rather than gain it.

(Betsy) #29

I don’t know how much taurine you have in your diet, but I will add that an all-meat diet (low carb) can also be hard on the adrenals. Maybe just look for a way to alleviate the damage that stress is doing to your body.

Cooked red meat has approximately 38 mg taurine per 100 mg.


Sorry, but you tweaked my curiosity/nosiness on that one? Permitted? It’s Federally Legal in all 50 states, and CBD contains no THC. Nobody can tell you not to take it. I’ve used it for years, and I’m subject to Federal drug testing, no issues.

(Ethan) #31

It’s not something I can get into. I have a contractual obligation that prohibits me from it