Could an extended fast be bad for the coronavirus?

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Today I have started a fast. I was wondering if it is possible that due to the fast, the tools our bodies have to fight against diseases are down (to preserve energy), resulting in a higher probability to catch the coronavirus?

Or not at all?

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An extended fast will cause your immune cells in the blood stream to all be recycled and replaced through autophagy. I would think that there would be an increased vulnerability during this process and that eating through this time offers better protection. Just my take, an assumption based on what I mentioned above. I have no specific reference to back that. :cowboy_hat_face:

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This video:

suggests fasting might not be a good idea for virus infection, unlike bacterial infections.



I have wondered that and am avoiding them until this virus is over. I had a problem with getting colds initially and have wondered if the fasts contributed to that

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According to this article on, keto is good, extended fasts not so good in the short term.


Anyone have an update on this? I would like to go back to extended fasts of 5 days or so but have been afraid to as I have had other weird things happen during extended fasts in the past. For example I got a UTI that required antibiotics which is something that almost never happens to me. I have often developed colds in the middle of kfast, usually around day 3. Plus when I stopped EFing in 2018 I also stopped getting colds on a regular basis and did not have one from July 2018 until sometime in late 2019 and it was at a time when I was not adhering much to keto. I have been doing 36 - 40 hours fairly regularly this month but would like to extend but I am really afraid to. Is there any updated science on the effect of fasting on immunity to Covid?

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I would say that, from your experience, you might want to consider not fasting.

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I can’t tell you science, only my experience. I’ve done two really long extended fasts (Over 90 hours) one was 92 and one 112. After my 92 hour fast, within a day or so I got strep throat. After my 112 hour fast, I believe I got covid. Definitely a stomach bug and weird respiratory thing, but 50 other people I had been in close contact with within 2 weeks all got covid, so the likelihood is probable. I won’t be any more extended fasting. I’ll stick to less than 72 hour fasts. Again, no science here, only my n=1.

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I can totally understand that. I do think at some point the body lowers it’s immune system when you fast for very long. There may be benefits in longer fasts, but there are surely also drawbacks. Each person has to weigh that individually. If 50 close contacts got sick, it sounds like Covid. I haven’t had 50 close contacts cumulatively in the last 7 months…