Costco was out of chicken thighs


… and I realized I was actually SAD about it.

I was also hoping they might have those Jimmy Dean Meat Lover Scrambles which are good in a pinch or when on the go. Alas…they did not.

So I got guacamole, kale salad (I ditch the dressing), and bacon.

I feel marginally better.

But I really wanted those chicken thighs. Shakes fists at Costco

(Carl Keller) #2

Look into Costco chicken if you have one near you. It’s around 99 cents a pound for Kirkland chicken thighs or legs. I can’t find lower priced chicken where I live and it’s fresh, not frozen. :slight_smile:


We do and I buy it often, but darn those thighs are yummy. And so easy to warm up in the Air Fryer.

(Jay Patten) #4

@Kage: “BUT WHY?!”

Me: “Chicken thigh!”