Coronary Calcium Score.. Anyone in SF Bay area?

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I live in San Jose, and am having very hard time finding someone who will do a calcium score without a doctors note. I had one done years ago(it was 0), but I paid 500$ for it and will not pay that again. Granted, it has given me peace of mind, but I’m seeing some done in the midwest for 59$ and this tans my hide…
I’ll pay 200$, but not 500$! Anyone with any ideas?

Mary Ann
PS, my regular doctor thinks I’m crazy to want one. Yes, I’m looking for another doctor.

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It’s ironic, isn’t it, that the one test that accurately assesses heart damage and future risk is the one test that doctors won’t prescribe and insurance won’t pay for? :frowning_face:

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Maybe get in touch with this guy:

(Bunny) #4

I bet it is highly likely it will be 0 again, most people test 0 unless you have a high rate of it in your genes (family history)?

That’s why the docs don’t really care about it!

I personally do not care about it because I know it will be zero and why waste the time and $$$ worrying about it!

High protein & fatty low carb diet cleans that up anyway!

(Mary Ann Kempner) #5

Thanks, but they don’t do calcium scores anymore. A doctor will assess it though.

(Mary Ann Kempner) #6

My doctor didn’t even look at it. She is a member of PAMF(Palo Alto Medical Foundation) which is owned by Sutter Health. They use an online communication system, and she closed my conversation!! I will use her for mammograms and colonoscopies, but nothing much more than that…

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That’s not true. Read about/listen about David Bobbett:

I found a place by searching for “coronary arterial calcification scan”, then called a number of them to find a good price ($100 in CT). Some required prescriptions, the one I went to did not. Did have to drive an hour, one-way, though. Note that these are also CT/CAT (computed tomography, computer-aided tomography) scans, so the terminology is confusing when searching.

(Janet) #8

Having a doctor’s order is a State requirement in NC and most states. If you are paying for it, most doctors are not bothered to write one. then search for imaging centers near you until you find a good price (Heart month Febrauary had specials under $100) the price has dramatically fallen due to increase in number of CT scanners, outpatient imaging centers, all trying to keep their machines producing income. I saw a sign for $59 in South Florida…lots of old folks with lots of CT scanners.

(Mary Ann Kempner) #9

No good prices in CA. They think we’re rich in Silicon Valley… not me…

(Wendy) #10

Maybe consider getting one done in another state. If you find a great deal then you can look for either airline deals or figure what it would cost to drive. I bet you could have a short vacation and get the scan for less than what they are charging where you are.
This may not be feasible but for some it is an option.

(Mary Ann Kempner) #11

I’ve thought about this. Thanks!

(Sharon) #12

My husbands GP ordered the scan per family history. He went to the local hospital and paid $142.00 to have it done. In 10 days the results will be mailed to him. Hope he gets a zero.

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I realize this is an old thread, but I am not finding any place near me who does this. I am willing to drive to CT. Can you share where you had it done? Were you happy with them? Thanks.

(Bob M) #14

You have to look at search terms. I had a hard time finding them too.

Here’s where I went:

Here’s another one:

The CAC scan is really a CT scan, so that confuses things. For this search, I used “Coronary Calcification scan, location, connecticut” to find these.

Another one:

But this is not in CT.

Not sure how extensive the database is here:

Hope these help.

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thank you! I found one near me but they want an order from my doctor. I can get that done, don’t know if my husband can. His doctor is pretty old school and probably won’t see any reason to have it done. Thanks for the info.