Corona Virus Mortality Risk for Diabetes and High Blood Pressure

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Thank you =). My kids are all upset that they cannot take me out to a restaurant on Sunday for Mother’s Day. I am not that upset about that bit; because of Keto. For our anniversary we will not be going out either, but I will cook a nice meal here -so that is great too =).

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So sorry for your losses, especially so close together.

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Here is another interesting bit of data out of Illinois examining who is actually at risk from CV19. Illinois is one of the hardest hits states in the US, with over 3000 deaths. However when you actually break down who is dying, you notice that roughly half of all fatalities have occurred in nursing homes. That’s incredible since they represent .01% of the total population of the state. I think an incredibly compelling case can be made that Illinois should be locking down nursing homes better. I’m not sure that a case can be made for locking down everybody else. If you click on the table, it will expand in size for legibility.


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The next thing that’s interesting to look at is the % of people in Illinois who are dying with or without comorbidities. As it turns out, 92% of all fatalities in the state happened among people with comorbidities like diabetes, and high blood pressure. We’re seeing this same picture emerge througout the world. This virus poses almost no risk to most of the population. We need most of the population to get it to achieve herd immunity. Let those with no risk go about their daily lives. Lock down everybody else, and provide financial support to those for whom self quarantine means forgoing employment.

Locking down a 25 year old construction worker, and sending him a check for $1,000/wk not to work is insane. This virus poses not risk to him. When he realizes that the company he works for goes bankrupt and he no longer has a job he’s going to wonder WTF people were thinking. A global depression is going to destroy billions of lives.

Here is a link to the granular mortality by comorbidity and demography data in Excel: