Cornish Hen

(Adam ) #1

1st I took the bird out of the package and patted it dry

2nd I put an entire stick of butter into the bird’s body cavity
3 Season the bird both sides are you salt, pepper, time, Oregano, and garlic
4 time to put it in a bag an seal it up

5 cooking I had my SV temperature at 145゚F for 5 hr sorry forgot the picture of it in the water
6 and 7 I did at the same time I put all the juices into a Sauce Pan with a little bit of cream and cream cheese then rendered it down and to a nice cream sauce to dip the meat in and took the bird and put under the broiler of my oven to Brown it up a little bit again both sides
lastly time to enjoy it

(Full Metal KETO AF) #2

I did a Cornish Game Hen spatchcocked before. Really great. This shows you how to prep the bird, I did mine sousvide not roasted. Broil for a crisp skin afterwards.