Cooking with Stevia Extract vs Stevia Glycerate


(Kipp Howard) #1

I have a recipe from The Big Book of Fat Bombs for Chocolate Peanut Butter Fat Bombs (pg 138). Among its 5 simple ingredients it includes 4 oz of sugar-free baking dark chocolate and 5 drops of Stevia Glycerate. When I was shopping for the ingredients I ended up with a 4oz bar of Ghirardelli 100% dark chocolate and liquid Stevia Extract. I made the recipe with these ingredients and it turns out like I’m just eating dark chocolate (which is not very tasty). I just finished remelting the finished product and proceeded to put more of the Stevia Extract in until I could actually taste some sweetness. The crazy thing was it took about 50 drops of Stevia Extract. Does that sound right? …

It wasn’t until I was making this post when I realized the recipe was asking for Stevia Glycerate. Is Stevia Glycerate 10 times stronger than Stevia Extract? It seems like 5 drops of Stevia Extract is about 1 tsp of sugar. Even 5 tsp of sugar doesn’t seem like enough to make 4 oz of baking chocolate sweet enough.

Am I doing this all wrong?

PS: As you can tell, I’m not normally a baker.