Cooking Shows **SALT**

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Background: I love cooking television shows.

This past weekend I was watching a cooking show on some service…netflix or one of those. And the Chef/host of the show started talking about salt. Of course that got 100% of my attention. One very interesting thing to note was, she said that different salts have different saltiness. I was wondering if any of you have experimented with different salts from different companies.

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I don’t notice much difference, except that the pink Himalayan salt we buy has a slightly different taste, from the trace minerals it contains. Apart from that, I don’t notice any difference among commercial iodised salt, sea salt, or kosher salt.

I suspect it’s the trace minerals the chef was referring to. I doubt she meant that the sodium chloride in the various types of salt varies in saltiness.

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She might mean the amount of “salt” each has per volume (not weight). For instance, 1 tsp of kosher salt is not equal to 1 tsp regular salt.

See this:

Salt measurement conversions

If you’re in the US, there are two common Kosher salts, and each one of those requires different conversions.

So, if you have a recipe calling for “normal” salt, and you use kosher salt, the dish will be less salty. And vice versa.

Edit: The conversions I use (from America’s Test Kitchen and one of their recipe books) is different from the one I show above.

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Many people enjoy a range of salt tastes - no doubt attributable to trace elements, minerals, other stuff that goes along for the ride.

Personally, I do find that Morton’s iodized salt tastes very different than, say, Redmond Sea Salt. However, for me most of these distinctions are best detected when tasting salt by itself. By the time it gets sprinkled (okay, yes, poured) on my food, much of such subtleties seem to get mostly lost (on me).

And yeah, I recall I saw a show on Netflix about this. Didn’t they also do one in that series on fat, heat, and sugar? I enjoyed the others, except I didn’t pay much attention to that last one :wink:


Same with me. It’s one reason we always use idonizied sea salt for cooking and I use pink Himalayan to sprinkle it extra on stuff :slight_smile: I may notice the difference there, I like pink Himalayan or I liked it in the past, it’s not that important for me now and I can’t eat salt alone anymore, my saltiness need dropped. In the past I licked some pink Himalayan here and there just for the taste :slight_smile:

I only use 2 different salt and only one for cooking so my experiences is tiny. But taste wise they are very different.


Absolutely! Redmonds is by far the “saltiest” salt I buy, Himalayan is pretty salty, celtic is pretty “normal” to me.

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Absolutely. You know exactly the show I’m talking about

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Definitely a taste difference between my iodised salt and my fancier crystals. If I want to impress myself or others I use the fancy, if I’m thinking of iodine I use some of that, or a blend. If I dip your finger in they taste very different.
Mmmm salt, just sitting down to my delicious salty lamb stew