Cooking Salmon

(Boston_guy) #1

Took kid to Costco yesterday for some pork belly. He spotted a 3.5 lb slab of salmon and wanted to get it. He’s been a “salmon barbarian”, gobbling the smoked stuff since way back.

I’d never cooked salmon before, so we followed this recipe - Got out the brush and had him “paint with olive oil”, which he enjoyed, then sprinkle on the salt. Came out great.


looks like a nice slab of omega 3 goodness

(Casey Crisler) #3

I have to cook my salmon sous vide. I’m not a big fish fan but force myself to eat it for the health benefits. Epsecially tilapia that’s farm raised. Mmm mmmm. (That’s a joke, btw).

(Mandy) #4

I used to do my salmon this way until I found butter poaching. O M G.

(Ken) #5

Hollandaise type sauces are excellent with Salmon. Especially ones flavored with Dill. I like to grill mine fairly rare while brushing it with garlic butter, and sprinkling it with cracked pepper and coarse salt, then eat it with the sauce.


avocado on salmon is great, and cream cheese

(Jan) #7

We just do it Japanese style: slab o salmon, sprinkled with salt, broiled 'till it flakes apart. Each bite gets a glob of grated daikon, a dash of shoyu. Mmmmmmmm… That’s what’s for dinner tonight!
Oh, yeah - chop up the skin into bite size pieces ( I use scissors) and fry in butter or broil with more salt until very crispy. No need to remove scales - they aren’t noticeable when done. My favorite part.