Cooking Bacon In The Nude

(Jay Morris) #1

All my problems have been solved!
I wonder if it would be as effective for when I weld?

Bacon Armor

(Derek I. Batting) #2

(Guardian of the bacon) #3

I would question why you are welding naked? Don’t you have issues with burnt nipples also?

(matt ) #4

Moving to humor.


It’s better to put it in the oven. You get perfect bacon and no splattering.

(Jay Morris) #6

Welding in the buff makes one feel alive.

(Jay Morris) #7

I would agree, however I find it difficult to collect all the bacon renderings from a large baking sheet rather a 12" pan.


I just tip the pan and pour from the corner.

(Guardian of the bacon) #9

I think it would make me feel…ummmm nervous.