Constipation and Salt?


I have it twice a day 2 tablespoons in my black coffee morning and afternoon
I feel i have tries everything

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Yes. I went easily a week without going. Painful bloating and it felt like I had bricks in my gut…

I was constantly making those protein cream cheese wannabe fatbombs (protein bombs really)

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I’m going to try this tomorrow.


@Hardrock_keto_chick If this actually works for me too, you may be my life savior. I have problems with going too often and rather runny, but lean red meat has seemed to make me “constipated” in the past.

@Zee You could stil try adding two tablespoons of raw potato starch to a glass of water. The raw starch is pretty much indigestible, and might cause good bacteria to produce more butyrate. Or it might send you running to the toilet. There comes a certain gas warning with it though.


I am so desperate i will try anything.
Will give it a go tomorrow,
If anyone has any other remedies please let me know

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@Zee Non absorbable sugars are sometimes used as laxatives. If the salt, magnesium sups & the milk of magnesia didn’t work I would highly recommend Erythritol. It’s a cheap, low carb sweetener you can find at just about any grocery store.

I purchased some “Pyure” a couple of weeks back to make a cheesecake but never got around to tasting it once it was done. I had a whole bag just sitting there so I decided to add 1/2 a tsp to my coffee the past two mornings &, WOW … not a good wow! I have spent the better part of the last 2 days burning laps to & from the bathroom. It also had some other yucky side effects but, if you truly need to use the bathroom it might help.

Good luck!

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…and it helps with absorption. Osmosis in the mucus lining under the tongue. There are some large blood pathways there that get it distributed throughout the body. I think this is why people who need to carry nitroglycerin for heart problems place those tiny explosives under their tongue.


Maltitol is absorbed more easily than erythritol (may cause a slight rise in bg), but seems to cause even more people to run to the toilet. My own stomach doesn’t handle it, so most sugar free sweets are off limits to me. Polyols may really be worth a try.

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Which can be found in most sugarless candies.

I know this by experience! :flushed:

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What about xylitol, did I read that xylitol has that same emergency affect?


Depends on the person. Sorbitol is another one, often found in products that contain xylitol, like chewing gum. When they mix polyols, it’s difficult to know which one causes the effect.

I’ll be experimenting some more with erythritol, still not sure if I react or not. My daughter doesn’t seem to suffer any adverse effects to it.

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Xylitol doesnt effect me like that at all. I have only seen it in sugarless gum so far, and my toothpaste. (I have heard rumors that it helps remineralize the mantel. So I switched. Mostly because I have been questioning floride. Its highly toxic when swallowed.

:warning: Xylitol is EXTREMELY deady to dogs. I did a little research on this and the amount found in one little piece of gum or candy will be deady. It causes them to have a massive insulin dumpbthat continues for hours, making them hypoglycemic and eventually in a diabetic coma within hours of ingesting. The only good news with this is it is reversible if caught right away and taken to a vet with knowledge of xylitol poisoning.

Its also deadly to any non-primate mammals. So your pet monkey might be safe, but not your dolphine, cats, squirrels or bats. Among others.

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From my earlier post:

The arithmetic is left as an exercise for the the class.

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So is MCT oil, though not, I believe, on purpose.


I took more milk of magnesia, cup of coffee with MCT, i cup of warm water with pink salt.
Its done the trick, :grin:
Don’t know if i can go through that again so thinking about quitting now :frowning:
It was a tough week

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I will be sure to avoid MCT oil as well then. No more accidental laxatives for me :no_good_woman:t3:‍♀ I literally could not get the erythritol in the trash can fast enough!!!

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Glad you got it sorted out! & good luck on whichever path you decide to take :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ohhh… be very, very careful when attempting to use coconut oil as a laxative. I dont know how much is too much, but I’m sure I hit it more than once. It is my belief that it can get an impaction lubed up enough to get it moving again. Not softened, just moving. I dare not go into an explanation of that other than to think of a cork, with pressure behind it. :flushed:

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I was in the same boat. I just incorporated chia seeds to help. Dr Boz suggested them. You can add dry seeds to water and drink, it is a bit weird… I started Wednesday and have finally got things going. I have made chia pudding and will eating daily. I gave up dairy a week ago too.

“Ingest a spoonful of dry chia seeds with some water every 2-4 hours. These little seeds swell up into a gelatinous substance and have helped many patients transition. This trick is tried and tested. One tablespoon every 2 hours followed by two cups of water has yet to fail my patients with this problem.”


I got things moving with milk of magnesia, cup of warm water with salt
It was such a relief
I drink 3 liters of water a day just feel so thirsty
I gained 4lbs last night i couldn’t stop going to the loo for pee,
But weighed myself today and lost 3lbs, was trying to stay away from the scale,
I am in my 4th week, but with the awful experience of constipation i qas seriously going to give up.
Decided to give it another couple of weeks.