Constant period and weight plateau

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Hi Keto pals,

I started on keto 5 weeks ago and the first 2 weeks had around 14lbs (6.4kg) weight loss and felt amazing! After that however I started my period and it has not stopped in 3 weeks. Unfortunately along with this I have also stopped losing weight despite sticking to the diet religiously.

Is this normal and am I right to keep trying? I love this diet and it’s the only diet I’ve ever enjoyed. But not dropping in weight has me super bummed. I’ve being testing my ketosis with strips daily and I seem to be in ketosis - sometimes ketones a little higher the 4.0 but not always.

My hope is that once my period regulates I will get back to losing but I need to know if anyone else has ever experienced this!

Thanks :star_struck::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Keto does tend to make things a bit messy while your hormones rebalance so my guess would be it’s part of that and will settle down, but if it doesn’t, best to get things checked out just in case it’s not keto related.


Being in ketosis doesn’t guarantee fat-loss even if you have much to lose. It often helps but it still matters what and how much you eat. And it’s not always quick. I personally never lost quickly in my life and probably never will. 5 weeks is a short time and you have lost 14 lbs. I don’t know why newbies who lose a ton in the first weeks (mostly water, sure) expect quick fat-loss in the next weeks… Your body needs to get used to the new order, our bodyweight easily fluctuates a lot, it’s life and periods easily influences this too… You can’t know what your bodyfat did in the last weeks just by looking at the scale.
Patience :slight_smile: (Of course, keto and patience doesn’t quarantee anything either but it solves things for many. If not for you, you can tweak your woe afterwards but right now you don’t need to worry about fat-loss yet I think.)

I can’t help with the period thing at all, mine was completely unaffected when I started keto (just like my weight except a tiny water weight. Now I don’t even have that change but it took a long time) but many women have odd periods for a while.

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Forget the scales for a few weeks or months, if you can. Track your food/macros. Stay under 20 g carbs. You will notice your body is changing and your clothes fit looser even tho the scales disagree. I gave up trying to figure that out. I know many on here who weigh daily. I can’t handle the head games.
I am well past the years of periods (insert happy dance here), but I think hormonal changes ares pretty common for the first several weeks or months. Hang in there. If you love this way of eating, you’ve already found your way. You got this!

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Thanks so much - think that’s all I needed :gift_heart:

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Thanks so much :two_hearts: