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(Bryan Jager) #1

Hello all,

I wanted to put a quick note out here for being a patron at the $50 level. One of the best benefits is hanging out with the Dudes. We had our first Hangout today. It was absolutely amazing! We had a great conversation about my background. They gave me some great, personalized advice right from the source of inspiration. :slightly_smiling_face: They also shared some news about upcoming podcasts and other news. They even asked for my input about the podcast.

I highly recommend the community to consider supporting the Dudes at this level.

At first, I thought that $50 is alot until I realized that I am saving more than $50 in food costs a month.

I was the only one out of 3 of us at this level. Even though it was awesome with one on one time with the Dudes, it would be even cooler to talk to more of my fellow forum goers!

Hope you consider it!


(Khara) #2

So you’re located in the same town or was this an online hangout?

(Jim Russell) #3

Is there a link to the patreon page with a list of the levels? I’d look, but I’m doing lazy keto right now. :smile:

(Bryan Jager) #4

It was an online Hangout using Google Hangouts.

(Bryan Jager) #5

(Richard Morris) #6

Thanks @bry - yeah that was great.

Afterwards Carl and I had to rush off to interview a special someone who we shared on the patreaon chat slack channel [another special bonus for patreons].

Carl showing the effort we go to to get the absolute best audio quality we can

BTW Patreon is how we pay for the ketogenic forums. Well it pays for some of the KetogenicForums monthly fee but we hope one day it will pay for the forum, and the podcast bandwidth. Anyone who helps us by registering as a patreon will have this special badge on their KetogenicForums account.


Thanks to everyone who keeps this wheel spinning.

(Liz ) #7

I’m catching up listening to all the 2KD podcasts while I work in my studio and I visit this forum daily. They are fantastic! I just pledged at Patreon to keep it all going. Thanks, Dudes!!

(Chris - #8

Holy crap, Taubes is gonna be on the podcast?? Talk about big leagues!!! I can’t wait.

(Jim Russell) #9

I am a image


(Ethan) #10

@richard, where is the slack channel? How do I get a slack invite to it, and to which of my slack accounts?


@carl Would you be willing to share roughly how much it costs 2KetoDudes to provide the podcast, forum, and everything else to this community, per forum member? I would like to make sure that what I pay to Patreon at least covers the costs of what I consume. Maybe also provide a number per forum user for what you’d need to be able to make this a full-time job for the dudes?